Güncel Floodlar En sonuncu Floodlar

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Amk n*wi

Pigeon x reader (male)

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You sit down, watching gay hentai with your cock out. it is 7 inches. but your women destroyer is still flaccid.

The only thing that makes you hard is pigeons, their tiny, pink pigeoussies are enough to make you cum.

Soon, Kawaii pigeon chan, your neighbor came in.

“hey Y/N” she said smugly

“I heard you like pigeoussy” Pigeon chan flops on the bed, Pigeon chan is a pigeon – human Hybrid. A pigeon fucked her mother and nutted in her human pussy.

Not only is she hot with her beady eyes and feathers, but if you fuck her pigeoussy, you won’t get arrested like you homie Jamal.

Win – win situation.

After thinking deeply, you notice that pigeon chan is standing on a puddle, is she wet?

She smirks, and sits on your lap, you’re already hard. You take her to the bed and stick your meat in her pigeoussy, she moans.

You have passionate doggystyle sex (doggystyle is superior)

You start going faster, you take your weenie out and nut on her back.

You now have a pigeon gf.

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