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my boyfriend wants to start poly but I don’t want to

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My Boyfriend wants to start a Poly and I don’t want to

I 17 F have been with my boyfriend 16 M, for roughly 4 months. We’ve been fairly happy and healthy compared to my last relationship that ended in toxicity. We’re long distance dating and I noticed on discord yesterday he changed his pfp to match with someone else in the server. I didn’t think much of it since I don’t wanna feel controlling. Though it did bother me. As time went on I called him when I got home from school and then he brought up the idea of polyamory. I was shocked and upset as I’m not up for the idea of being in a polyamorus relationship. He kept reassuring me nothing would change but, I know things will change. I know everything is going to be different. He doesn’t want us to share the same partner, he wants to have 2 partners at once. I myself am a very jealous person and I don’t ever see myself happy in a poly relationship. He then said he doesn’t want to feel tied down in a relationship. I get that sometimes but, you chose to commit to me. You chose to love me and only me. I didn’t sign up for a poly, I don’t want it. I just want him to love me. Though during the call, he said that we wouldn’t do it. Which eased my thoughts for a while.

Until we fast forward to last night. He then called me and told me he still wants to do it. I stood my ground, I said no. I then told him that we can’t stay together and be poly. It just won’t make me happy. I’m awaiting his thoughts but, I doubt he’ll respond to me for the rest of the day. I just really don’t want my relationship to end, he dug me out of a dark place and I appreciate him for that. I just cant allow this, I feel awful for not being able to keep him happy. At the sametime i need to keep myself happy. I’ll keep ya’ll updated.

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  1. Nta get out of that relationship asap. He just wants to cheat without getting into trouble.

    Nta get out of that relationship asap. He just wants to cheat without getting into trouble.

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