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good evening sir.. i came from copernican pizza.. as it is written on my collar.. i brought the hottest hot hot pizza in the galaxy, eee koh-copernicus pizza.. kooooopernik kooopernik.. copernican pizza the hottest pizza in the galaxy piiiiizzai kooooooooo-kopernik!! + ok bro, we got it, let’s take our order.. I’m sorry they taught us too.. just hold on to this.. please.. I draw your attention, you eat well, well done, you are a smart kid.. give it to me.. + how much do we owe? -Let’s see how much did our boss bite you? hey!! 28.70 but if you give 14.35 it is enough.. +why?!? -Oh, because it smelled so good when it came, you know, I can’t stand it too, I’ve been afraid since childhood that it would swell.. That’s why I opened the pizza, the promotional one, but I didn’t touch yours.. + is it okay bro, something like this, I don’t want it.. -Look, my friend, don’t make me have trouble with my first order.. + take it bro please I don’t want it.. bring me a full pizza.. man, is this pizza half? nabacan do you want the full pizza? You’ve already eaten, you’re like a bear. What if you don’t eat the pizza, please share half of it with me? I already brought you the full promotion, I say I ate the promo, what’s wrong with you? what is your problem what is your problem tell me, what is your problem? I mean, is that so much ego made just because you’re fat? how about you share your pizza with me? + oh my god.. -You’ve already become my master with this selfishness and this stinginess.. 1000 kilos.. If you stay hungry for 3 months, sir, you still won’t die.. OK, don’t give money, don’t give money, damn it.. stingy fat selfish bastard.. don’t give it up okay.. stingy fat selfish bastard. . Paylaşımcılıksızlık, selfish.. selfish !!

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