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iranın ,99u Türk geri kalanı da dağ türkü

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After liberation of South Azerbaijan, Turkic countries will be really powerful, so the liberation of Turkmen will be really easy.

I can tell nowday in south Azerbaijan 90% of people want independence special new generations and youth people, but but independence is not easy, we can’t do it alone, we need support, US and NATO support Kurds, but no body supports us. No media, no money, no weapon, we have nothing.

Our ancestors accepted Islam with their heart, I also accept Islam with my heart like my ancestors, nationality has nothing to do with religion.

About Persians, yes this is really pathetic, who believes 30 million people can’t study in their own language? if you tell this to anyone in the world they will laugh at you and call you some kind of mad.

Turkey is so stupid, they worry if South Azerbaijan got its independence Turkey will also divided, but they don’t think if South Azerbaijan get its independence Kurds will be on middle of two Turkic countries and they won’t be able to do shit.

Muhammad also defeated Arabs, Persians, and yes some small wars with Turks, this is normal. Again religion has nothing to do with nationality, Turks accepted Islam with heart not sword.

You are really radical against Islam, you need to change your mind cause for unity you need to respect believes of other people.

Turkey helped Turkmen in Iraq, they now have their own schools and they are more powerful than before.

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