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I stole someones panties in 8th grade and I feel bad about it

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It happened in science class. The cheerleaders had just gotten back from practice and I was sitting directly behind the girl I had a crush on. Her bag was placed behind her and I saw where the bag wasn’t fully zipped up and a pair of her panties were sprouting out the side. When I’m horny I barely think straight.. the lights were off and we were watching a science documentary on the projector so I thought I’d be able to get them without anyone seeing, I took them out slowly and kept an eye out. I thought I was successful.. I did many ungodly things with those panties.
By 3rd period at school the next day, all of the guys were calling me “panty boy” and I of course already knew what that was about.. the nickname stuck for the rest of the year and I’m still called it occasionally, mostly by friends. Me and that girl were kind of friends before and I was trying to build up the courage to ask her out prior, but I knew that was no longer possible. She never said anything about it, but she avoided me at all costs.. a lot of the guys would tease her for what I did, there were times I thought that I should stand up for her, but I was too much of a coward and didn’t want to look “uncool” besides, how could the guy that did the pervy act be the good guy in the situation? So I just left it alone. What had happened was very humiliating for me, but I’m sure that what I felt was only half of what she must have felt..
I’m going to be a junior this year and I still can’t stop thinking about it.. I feel disgusting for being such a little perv. I’m really contemplating reaching out to her and apologizing. Is that a good idea? or should I just leave it in the past?

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