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I got caught shitting at my school

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I was in class, when I had to take a shit REALLY bad. I asked to go to the restroom and almost shit myself just from walking out. I found an open stall, and luckily there wasn’t any piss on there. So I pulled my pants down, sat on the toilet, and started shitting my whole digestive system out. It was so loud that it caught the attention of one of my friends, who happened to be in the bathroom too. “David?” He asked. “Are you seriously shitting at SCHOOL!?” I replied with “It’s not what it looks, sounds, or smells like.” He then called out “hey John! Come look at this! This loser is shitting at school” to which John replied “Dude, no way you caught Carl shitting at school!? Who takes shits at school dude?” I then said “guys please, I had to take a shit really bad, just leave me alone” but then the principle wakes in. “Principal Jacobs, look at this loser taking a shit at school!” Said David. “He’s shitting at school!?” Asked the principle. “Yea sir, I can’t believe it either.” They then crawled under the stall, and started recording me. “Look at this loser shitting at school! I’m sending this to your crush bro” said John. “Oh boy, I’m putting this in the yearbook” said the principle. I started crying as my ass was recreating WW2 in the toilet. That is the story of how I got caught shitting at school.

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  1. That‘s the shit I joined the sub for, literally 🤪

    That‘s the shit I joined the sub for, literally 🤪

    Daha az gör