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I’ve always had a sort of fear of gaining weight or getting bigger, but only recently have I’ve been actively fatphobic. I recently made an eating disorder twitter, and I can’t stop criticizing fat people. I have seen how other people live their lives, and how I live my life so when I see fat people or people who have fat behavior do some things, it makes me so mad. now I wouldn’t go out of my way to just make fun of someone to their face but I feel like because fat people always wanna talk about being fat and how there’s nothing wrong with being fat I should be allowed to talk about what actually is wrong with being fat. I also don’t understand how I’m supposed to interact with fat people when all they do is comment about how small I am or about how they could never eat like me. I don’t see what the differences between me commenting about a fat person and a fat person commenting about a skinny person. I don’t know I’m just kind of lost because I can’t be openly fatphobic IRL because that’s not acceptable anymore. I’m also so tired of everyone being sensitive and pretending that being skinny isn’t what we all want to be. Like just because being fat is accepted, doesn’t mean that’s what we all are striving to be.

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  1. My man doesn't speak english anymore, now he speaks in FACTS

    My man doesn’t speak english anymore, now he speaks in FACTS

    Daha az gör
  2. dude invented all of this just to spit some FACTS

    dude invented all of this just to spit some FACTS

    Daha az gör