Güncel Floodlar En sonuncu Floodlar

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Amk n*wi

found deep in the trollface discord server

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Roxanne Wolf is so hot. Never in the history of gaming has there been a hotter character. She is more than a robot wolf to me, she is a person. She is a little tease but she’s basically my wife. The devs know what they did with that wolf. The aesthetic paired with her demeanor make her such an attractive character. Nothing gets me going better than a punk rock wolf chick. Every inch of her is so hot. Her thighs up to her midriff and her eyes. Every inch of her is perfection incarnate. I would save the game and let her catch me just to feel the intimacy between us. I crave more than lustful fantasies with her, I seek deep romantic involvement. The craftsmanship of her character surpasses everything I expected from this game. Her tone of voice and language choice formats her character. The choice of clothes with short shorts and the crop top which reveal her milky thighs and delectable midriff compliment her punk rock personality more. She is my wife, and nothing dissuades me from this fact.

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