Güncel Floodlar En sonuncu Floodlar

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Every time I have fapped a global conflict has started.

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I’ve been a believer in no fap for many years now, I would even perhaps argue before it was a popular movement. Like many though I have suffered from relapses, particularly when I’m in a low place in my life for other reasons or (as had happened both times) when I am drinking.

I try not to let these moments of weakness destroy my progress that I have proudly made across these years. NoFap has made my life better, it helped my relationships (leading to our family welcoming in our son Henry this year).

However I need to get off my chest the strange consequence I have noticed with my relapses. Both times I have broken my streak were the day before major global conflicts started. The first being after an argument with my wife on the 23rd of Feb 2022 (a day before Russia invaded Ukraine). The second more recently on October 6th this year after a work party. I can’t help but notice this odd coincidence. I know it’s probably just random chance but I have been using it to motivate myself to stay clean.

Does anyone else have anything like this? Just weird patterns you’ve noticed?

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