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Amk n*wi


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The news has spread quickly and FtM trans dudes are using the term boypreggerz now. OP, what have you done? I heard 29 of them use the term on my walk in the city today. CNN released a story stating the term went so viral that trans dudes have been hypnotized to impulsively get knocked up just so they can embody the term. A FtM trans dude approached me today and said he’s not even attracted to men, but asked if I could do him a solid and knock him up so that he could get “boypreggerz.” I fucked the shit out of him and creampied him. OP, you got me laid, but technically it was gay sex! What have I done. You’ve disrupted the natural order of the universe. Scientists forecast that FtM men will be giving birth to more children than cis women by 2055. Women are outraged by this patriarchy comeback, they are out in the streets protesting that men should not be able to give birth. They are committing violent crimes against FtM men, kidnapping them and sterilizing them against their own will because “giving birth is a woman’s privilege and solely a woman’s privilege.” Due to political pressure, the Supreme Court has outlawed male pregnancies. The FtM men have bombed the White House and performed a coup, now ruling the USA.

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