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Amk n*wi

All I ever think about is getting a nice gf (4chan sea slug autistic gf)

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All I ever think about is getting a nice gf. A while ago, I started looking at a ton of those “___ gf” memes with all the different attributes listed. Think I could make one. “What would the best kind of girlfriend be?” I thought about it for days. Suddenly it hits me. An autistic seventeen and a half year old who is obsessed with sea slugs. She loves sea slugs, can’t get enough of them. Her name is Sadie, but everyone in town calls her Sadie the Slug Searcher, as she is always keeping an eye out for sea slugs. However, due to her intense autism she can never find them. She searched high and low, ins supermarkets and back alleys, but never finds any (obviously). Everyone in town would make fun of her, but not me. Not me. I would be there. Not to help her or talk to her, I would be way too shy. Instead I would stand in the background, watching. Every time she would uncover something looking for a sea slug she would give her signature catchphrase “slug out slug out slugever you are!” to no avail and I would feel the beat of my heart increase with love. She would never notice me due to her lack of awareness (autism), but I would be there. One time I might even but a sea slug off some shady website, and give it too her, or even multiple like a slimy bouquet. She would have to love me back. She would have no choice. I know it would not even hold a candle to her love of sea slugs, but any amount would make me the happiest man on the planet. I often think of the night me and her finally have to ourselves (and the multiple sea slugs I provided her with) and I can’t get the notion out of my head. The day she slugs on my penis, I would finally be at peace.

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