Güncel Floodlar En sonuncu Floodlar

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Amk n*wi

a really bad way of coping

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I should prob get professional hell but whenever I talk about my problems I cannot even say anything cus I just start crying also the thing is I don’t even know why I am sad all the time… well for a lot of reasons but the thing is I’ve felt like this for a long time so some of those reasons are old and I can’t even remember them but it doesn’t make me feel better… idk what will to be honest… at least I don’t feel like this all the time,, it only shows thru when I’m not distracting myself with something. I like to distract myself by talking to friends, playing games, drawing, watching YouTube or something… but that never actually gets rid of my pain. I just forget it’s there. That’s probably a really bad way of coping.

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