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Finally, peace and quiet. Thanks Noctua. 76.5TB raw

Finally, peace and quiet. Thanks Noctua. 76.5TB raw

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23 Yorumları

  1. Which Noctua fan did you use to replace the small side chassis fan?

  2. I’ve been thinking about upgrading the fans on my 810A but they aren’t really too audible in my apartment even with them running full speed, it mostly just sounds like air moving when I put my head against it.

    I have thought about reversing the fan direction to intake from the back and filter the intake air from the outside, as it is now the front does get dusty from time to time. I think as long as you are aware of the case limitations ahead of time it’s a great case. My Xeon 1245V2 stays cool with the Noctua-L9i cooler and drive temps are very good.

  3. This may seem like a dumb question or the wrong question to ask, but what exactly is that dell power Link thing doing? Is it just a multiple port switch? Is there any difference between server rack switches (like a netgear) and say an 8-port TP-link switch off of amazon?

  4. This is quite interesting, I can see a use for this involving an Intel SAS expander for me in the future, to add more disks to an existing box that is full.

    Essentially, large capacity drives are so expensive here (and I already have the expander and a card to hook it onto in the current server), that I could use this and keep buying the current sweet spot for drives (4TB), rather than looking to upgrade my current ones to something like 8TB drives.

  5. Can you describe your components?

    I think the case is $200 and requires an ITX motherboard? I am looking to build one myself because it will be more wife friendly than a generic white box. Silence is key too.

  6. >Back-UPS CS **350**

    Ah, I see that filesystem integrity isn’t a big priority of yours.

  7. I wish those cases were not as expensive as they are in the UK.

  8. What’s the name of that product ? storage size can hold

  9. I have that same ugly cream UPS. Does yours also have a faint really high pitch whine?

  10. Other than the fans, how do you like that case?

  11. Nice. I, too, replaced fans in my NAS for Noctuas, now the only audible things are my WD Golds and the darn fan on the UPS…

  12. What PSU do you have in here, how does it sound?

  13. There are just two companies that make decent “silent fans I know of – pls enlighten me if I am wrong: Noctua & BeQuiet!

    Tbh: could have bought some market shares from Noctua with all the money I spent on their fans – wouln’t be a bad decision doing that for the future