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Eac3to – is there a way to queue up movies for demux?

Basically I’ve been using eac3to for a while but I’m finding that I’m using valuable time demuxing one movie at a time. Once I’ve sorted out what audio and subs are what and then run through mkvmerge it can take a while to complete a remux. So I’m wondering if there’s a way I can queue up movies to demux so I don’t have to sit by the computer all evening. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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  1. Why though? Demuxing everything is a huge waste of time and disk, specially the video. eac3to is only useful for converting tracks, in case of a remuxes from LPCM/DTSMA/TrueHD to FLAC (in my case I convert only LPCM and leave the others alone)

    Just open the index.bdmv in mkvtoolnix, it’ll give you a list of the playlists with durations and tracks. Open that playlist with a video player and sort out the audio/subs. Then go back to mkvtoolnix, add that playlist and remux as you like. Use eac3to as a previous step only if you want to convert audio tracks. Then add the FLAC to the remux. And ofc, mkvtoolnix being the excellent gui it is, you can queue up jobs, remove them, edit them, whatever. You’ll save a lot of time.

    There are special cases that need a little work around. Like, playlists can “hide” tracks. The stream has whatever number of audio and subs tracks but when you open a playlist only some of those tracks are available for selection. Video players usually respect playlist “hidden” tracks, but mkvtoolnix doesn’t care and shows/adds all tracks in the stream (only uses the playlist for segment order and chapters). This is useful because hidden tracks are usually an artificial limitation by the publisher. An example are Warner discs that have one playlist with all languages except Japanese, and another playlist with only Japanese (God knows why) and I want to keep *all* the subs tracks. In which case when checking the content in a video player you’re better off opening the m2ts instead of the mpls.

    Anyway, I won’t bore you further if you want to demux all. If you want to use mkvtoolnix directly maybe I can make a little “guide?” of things you can encounter in the wild, about how some publishers do things and the best way to remux them. I remuxed thousands of discs and I *think* I’ve seen it all.

  2. You may be able to use Megui to do what you’re after, specifically the one click encoder. Megui contains eac3to among other programs.

    I use it occasionally to strip foreign audio and subs from a folder of tv episodes, while carrying over the original video of course.