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Drive Decision Time

UPDATE: turns out that the 2tb drive was 3.5″ anyway, but I’ve changed my plans to flip my equipment for something more cost and storage effective based on the comments


Hey folks, I’ve been building up my NAS from an old IBM server for a little bit here, and I’m ready to pull the trigger on a drive, I’ve narrowed it down to two and I’m looking for a third party perspective on them. For context I’ll be filling out a 25 drive 2.5″ disk shelf from EMC, haven’t chosen an OS yet but narrowed it to UnRaid, UnRaid with ZFS or TrueNAS. The two drives I’ve narrowed the selection down to are a factory new Seagate Constellation 2 1Tb SATA drive, or I could go with an amazon refurbished, more expensive, warranty protected 2Tb HP/Seagate ES SAS drive. I’d really like to hear your feedback on these drives and please post other drives you feel would be a better deal, I’m currently leaning towards the amazon refurbished as it’s a SAS drive, only $10 more than the new drive, and twice the advertised capacity, but it scares me that it’s refurbished and I’m unaware how fault happy they are, hoping you guys have some experience with amazon refurbished stuff or used/refurbished in general, I don’t know how people in general feel about them, are they fault happy wastes of money or are they a decent investment.


[Refurbished HP/Seagate 2tb](https://www.amazon.com/HP-2TB-7-2K-507616-B21-Renewed/dp/B07BLMS5TG/ref=sr_1_53?crid=33XZZK6XWR8CA&keywords=internal+hard+drive+2.5&qid=1636415226&sprefix=internal+hard+drive+2.5%2Cspecialty-aps%2C189&sr=8-53&srs=12653393011)

[New Seagate 1tb](https://www.newegg.com/seagate-constellation-2-1tb-st91000640ns/p/N82E16822148710?quicklink=true)

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2 Yorumları

  1. It looks like that Refurb you linked is 3.5″ not 2.5″.

    Out of curiosity why 2.5″ drives? That will greatly limit your options overall. Considering you can buy 14TB drives for $200, you’d have to run 14 of your 2.5″ drives to accomplish the same thing. Those 2.5″ drives will consume about 3.5W idle each, and you really don’t have much option going forward to get bigger capacity.

    Even if you were getting this stuff for free, I’d sell it all and buy a more reasonable NAS supporting 3.5″ disks.

    I also don’t think there’s any real benefit to running ZFS on UnRAID. Use UnRAID (with its recommended XFS) if you don’t want all your drives to spin up all the time, TrueNAS (with ZFS) if you want the most robust file integrity.

    Some math to consider:

    1TB @ 25 x $ 31 = $ 775 @ 25TB = $31.00 / TB
    23TB @ RAID 6 = $33.70 / TB
    3.3W x 25 = 87.5W IDLE
    5.2W x 25 = 130.0W ACTIVE

    14TB @ 4 x $200 = $800 @ 56TB = $14.29 / TB
    28TB RAID 6 = $21.43 / TB
    5.5W x 4 = 22.0W IDLE
    6.0W x 4 = 24.0W ACTIVE

    For same cost you get more more capacity at 25% the power consumption and using only 4 vs 25 drives.

    EDIT: Updated math to equate to similar storage capacity. / EDIT 2: Math… lol

  2. I recommend checking that refurbished HDD model on other websites to confirm that it is actually a 2.5″ drive.

    I would also consider getting 1 to 3 spare hard drives of the same type that you choose, so that when there is a failure, you are not left hunting for a replacement then waiting for it to ship.