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Dont keep your backup in the same place where you keep your main!

Dont keep your backup in the same place where you keep your main!

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  1. Oh well, already have more movies than I can possibly watch in even 3 lifetimes anyway (over 250TB), no need to make more.

  2. Just wait a day and download it from piratebay

  3. My soon-to-be setup when I have all my servers working properly is I will have an on-site backup that the main server backs up to daily and that backup server will back up to BackBlaze, which has stupidly-good reliability.

  4. I can’t even leave me $800 laptop in my car alone in my own driveway without feeling anxious, how do people leave thousands of dollars worth of equipment just laying around?

  5. I had the same idea about my homework long time ago

  6. In their defence not even Pixar kept proper backups. Seems very common in the film industry to just have one copy of things.

    [How Pixar’s Toy Story 2 was deleted twice, once by technology and again for its own good](https://thenextweb.com/news/how-pixars-toy-story-2-was-deleted-twice-once-by-technology-and-again-for-its-own-good)

  7. I used to train and work out at a gym in Pasadena.

    There’s always been a high amount of thefts of items in cars in Pasadena.

    You’d think people would keep their stuff in the trunk. Nope. Ffwd past the gym BS. There would be thefts (especially around the holidays) and people would always act shocked and appalled and be pissed solely at the thieves.

    Like people aren’t supposed to notice a MacBook Pro, LV bag etc chilling in the back seat etc and not take it. And their ego got them thinking they’re untouchable.

    Members were also (cause I know some were breaking into cars) stealing weights and other things out the gym too. Lockers got broken into as well. There was always someone in the lot in cars.

    Literally takes seconds to put things in the trunk. And literally takes seconds to break the window and get them out. No one cares about car alarms.

    But nope year after year people complained and never put things in their trunk etc. Mention it and it’d be mob mentality against you. Doesn’t matter if you think your area is safe or not.

    I did sys admin work for a corporate tech company and would have to help people process their claims. And most of the claims were “I was gone away for a minute” and “there was nobody around”. Not all thieves are as stupid as people would like them to be.

  8. Who in their right mind leaves this kind of thing in their car and expects it to still be there when they get back?

    Or is that my pessimism / caution from growing up in Detroit coming through?

  9. you’re probably 50x more likely to lose backups in a car in urban California than in your home.

  10. Hey I have a great idea, how about instead of spending that $25,000 on your CASH REWARD WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED, you actually invest in a proper tiered backup ecosystem that would cost half or less?

    Clearly whatever budget they have can tolerate $25,000 JUST IN RECOVERY of data, they could clearly afford spending a quarter of that on preventing data loss in the first place with tiered backups. And I mean like automatic off-site backups over the internet, none of this sneakernet bs they clearly thought was a good idea.

    edit: lol this is just marketing tricks, gottem

  11. Probably shouldn’t have put them in a branded bag that makes it obvious what’s inside.

  12. If you keep them in the same place, it’s not a backup, it’s just a copy.

  13. You didn’t need to say it was an independent movie, that was obvious from the lack of professionalism.

  14. I almost want to buy the same drive and bag to turn in, but the drive only contains a Rick roll video on a 10hr loop.

  15. 100% publicity stunt. They will claim to have found them in a few days or a week. Meanwhile they get an eyecatching flyer shared around the internet.

  16. I’m sorry but I rarely have much sympathy for people who can afford to be in LA

  17. Publicity stunt. There’s no other reason you’d include hashtags on your lost movie poster.