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Does anyone else chart their storage consumption over time so that they can make rough projections for future needs?

Does anyone else chart their storage consumption over time so that they can make rough projections for future needs?

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  1. I’m the lead architect on an environment that runs on a gas tank model. Our reporting calculates time to empty dynamically for posix, block, and object. When it gets low it automatically triggers the appropriate purchase process and generates the requests to populate Network gear in the next cabinet in each of the Datacenter containers.

    Does that count? 🙂

  2. Not at home. Used to track storage consumption in detail for the enterprise environment, I was in charge of.

  3. Replace that with GB, poor man’s storage version

  4. I just setup Overseerr + SabNZB + Radarr + Sonarr. I proceeded to then download all the things once I figured out /r/usenet and private indexes.

    I setup a Synology 1520 a month ago with 5x8TB and I’m already down to 20% free space left.

    Let’s just say the first upgrade will be 5x16TB (in place) to hold me off for a long while. I might then expand the Synology using expansion bays.

    I didn’t expect Bluray remuxes to take up so much storage, but it’s worth it to keep forever.

    What’s really interesting to me is the lack of high bitrate content (or content in general) in the past (release date). My family is young (Gen X or later) and so our library doesn’t go that far back except for some stuff that I go out of my way for.

  5. I tried to, and my projection told me that, by 2025, I’d need more hard drives than currently exist on the planet… so I decided to just keep buying 10TB drives and hoping for the best

  6. [img](https://i.imgur.com/7XX21V0.jpg): At first I kept track of it with google sheets, running a python script everyday at 6a

    [img](https://i.imgur.com/XZC7YDd.png): Then I started using grafana. That was a wild time and it was a rollercoaster of emotions.

    [img](https://i.imgur.com/ah15ZQm.png)I went about 10 years with no drive failures(while they were in use) and then I run into a streak of bad luck including a drive that failed in less than a year. Not sure what caused it but it has sense stopped.

  7. What happened in 2018? Did you discover “linux isos” or perhaps 4k videos?

  8. no. i should. i do calculations in my head and they always fall way short.

  9. Wish there was something that could estimate storage growth on trends that I could host myself

  10. No, I don’t. I would see a point if it was a business and I had to deal with budgets and ROI and stuff. But for a hobby?

    I just order a new one when I approach the 500Gb mark.

    Why would you need this much complexity to just slide in a bigger disk? Honest question…

  11. What are you using that for if you don’t mind me asking? I’m just imagining the look on a person’s face from the 80s if they were to see that there were people using over 100 terabytes of storage.

  12. your error is thinking you have enough storage at any point in time

  13. No, my internet connection is kinda slow ~2mb/sec. My need for storage has been growing steady at that rate the past 2 years.

  14. I’ve been just under 2tb since 2013 and only am I just about to go over. But with more things being streaming online only. I can see the storage needs will start to go higher up.

  15. Yes using both grafana and Synology storage analyzer. I then plot the data in excel so I can make trend lines and determine when my storage will become “too low”

  16. atm am held back due to knowledge and what back end parts do i need . to do my data storage

  17. Assuming you are storing video, have you computed how many lifetimes of viewing you already have on hand?

    After 15 years of downloading “because it’s there” I have finally learned to ask myself if I’m actually going to watch something before I download it. I’m selective, using IMDB heavily to weed out the trash. Sometimes I’ll download a show that I *might* enjoy. I’ll try a couple episodes and delete it if it doesn’t spark joy.

    I *do* however, keep shows and movies that I have already watched and enjoyed. I get a lot of pleasure from rewatches, and they are less of a time sump because I can pick up in the middle of an episode, and easily stop watching the series where I tend to compulsively binge the whole show when I’m enjoying it for the first time.

    I probably have 5 years worth of *high quality* unseen video on hand. I’ll have plenty of time over those 5 years to acquire stuff for years 6, 7, …

  18. Based on future projections, You sir…are fucked.

  19. Once you cross the catch-up threshold, growth for most people tends to slow signifcantly and the curve turns logarithmic (unless you add a new niche that requires playing catch-up). I’m past that threshold in all my niches at this point, so I know that as a rule I’ll need one drive a year to account for new content being created, plus one or two drives to cycle out older ones (I replace drives when they hit the five year mark). The consistency of that is a welcome change from the chaos of the catch-up phase.

  20. what happened in 2018 that made it start to grow so much faster?

  21. Things I’ve been meaning to do for years… More for curiosity than anything I like charts.

    I just always have a couple drives on hand for failures and last minute expansion.

  22. yes, but I need more space for the dats I’ve collected.

  23. no. the number of hard drives you need is always n+1, where n is the number of drives you now have.

  24. Plot it on a log chart so it doesn’t look so scary. ?

  25. Nope expand when needed. Don’t need to justify to my SO as her photography needs to be stored somewhere.

  26. $futureRequirement = $currentRequirement * $monthsofCOVID

  27. I do. Absolutely necessary. I start planning about a year in advance for growth/big projects. I keep an sheet that mirrors my PLEX library to track what I have, and how much space it takes up. From there I used the “added” date to track my total data consumption over time, and rate of consumption. u/ghost-train what tool are you using?

  28. My storage requirements are a function of my bandwidth due to having abysmal broadband connection (which is why I started hoarding in the first place).

  29. No need. Monitoring tools do this automatically as standard