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Do you recommend degoo cloud storage?

Just saw a lifetime offer – 10tb of space for $99.99. Is this service reliable? Is it any good? Will it be worth it to take advantage of the offer? Do you recommend it? [offer](https://stacksocial.com/sales/degoo-premium-lifetime-backup-plans-10tb)

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  1. Lifetime is a tricky term:) you don’t know how long the company will last. I’d better go with B2 or Wasabi plus some free tool like Duplicacy or other to backup: [https://www.vmwareblog.org/single-cloud-enough-secure-backups-5-cool-cross-cloud-solutions-consider/](https://www.vmwareblog.org/single-cloud-enough-secure-backups-5-cool-cross-cloud-solutions-consider/)

  2. Remember when something is too good to be true…

  3. How isn’t this removed yet? This is just spam ad.

  4. Just started reading this evening’s Reddit (latest first). Now this is the third time I’ve seen this in about 15m. Why the repeats?

  5. A business makes revenue by repeat income, i.e. subscribers, Degoo business model is akin to a pyramid scheme.

    Saying that, they have been around few years.. but I would trust it, especially for long term back-up.

  6. A rope, not just a string attached. Probably cryptomining.

    *10. Users Providing Computer Processing Power*

    *10.1 As part of the Services, a User may choose to share storage computer processing power by using peer-to-peer technology. Such computer processing power shared by the User may be used or licensed by Degoo at its discretion. For that purpose, Users sharing computer processing power are regarded as subcontractors to Degoo (“Subcontractor”). The Subcontractor warrants that these Terms and any applicable guidelines shall apply to its shared computer processing power. The Subcontractor further indemnifies Degoo for any and all damages, losses or inconveniences due to circumstances on the Subcontractor’s part.*


  7. Hi, this is coming from a person who fell for their limited time offer discount two years ago. I can tell you with confidence it is really not worth it. If you try and upload multiple folders at the same time, your browser will freeze and the upload fails. I had to upload my hoard one folder at a time. The upload took ages although I have a really fast internet.
    It was even alarming that when you delete a folder, it can sometimes resurface even after emptying the bin.
    One of the worst things is the fact that they scan your files and once the auto scanner identifies a file that it claims has been downloaded illegally such as a TV series torrent, song, etc. they will send you and email informing you that the account will be terminated. No refund nothing you can do. So the life time offer goes wasting your time uploading your files to a really shady company that will immediately defraud you by claiming your file/s violated their term of us. It was such a huge waste of money and many nights. Avoid.

  8. I decided to try a similar offer from them via Macworld or iLounge, can’t remember which. It’s ok for backing up some music but their iOS apps aren’t any good.

  9. Their free account is all but unusable, and both free and paid accounts are browser or mobile app only. With no desktop client, uploading, and especially downloading large numbers of files, won’t be fast or easy. There is no sync client to *compare* each side.

    Also, a *lifetime offer* generally means the lifetime of the offer, not your lifetime or even that of the company. Examine the fine print carefully, as 10 TB is a heck of a lot of data to retrieve if Degoo changed their terms.

    If you do opt for it, make sure zero-knowledge encryption is set up and active on your account. Zero-knowledge encryption/storage ensures your files are hidden from Degoo’s scans. They use, I believe, Google and possibly Amazon’s servers.

  10. No. They are a scam. Your files are not private and they will delete anything the feel violates copyright.

  11. The discount on that website is a huge red flag. wtf

  12. Lifetime = for their lifetime, not yours. I would be extremely skeptical.