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Dislike counts are being removed from YouTube gradually, is anyone going to archive the current dislike counts before they are fully removed?

Dislike counts are being removed from YouTube gradually, is anyone going to archive the current dislike counts before they are fully removed?

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  1. >We heard during the experiment that some of you have used the public dislike count to help decide whether or not to watch a video. We know that you might not agree with this decision, but we believe that this is the right thing to do for the platform.
    >We want to create an inclusive and respectful environment where creators have the opportunity to succeed and feel safe to express themselves. This is just one of many steps we are taking to continue to protect creators from harassment. Our work is not done, and we’ll continue to invest here.

    According to YouTube, this is to protect against harassment and brigading. Frankly, dislike bombing a video is just about the tamest form of “harassment” I can think of. Abusive comments are far worse, and the platform already has tools to deal with them. If the creator doesn’t wanna be dislike-bombed, they can turn off the like/dislike button.

    Disabling a feature that is useful to both viewers and creators because it can occasionally be overused is ridiculous. It’s the danger of “But Sometimes!” again.

  2. This removal is about pandering to the interests of corporations, foreign governments, politicized interest groups and people, the wealthy and elite, and the US government and politicians. It is about censorship of the most visible indicator of mass discontent on youtube, either natural or grassroots oriented. If you want to promote something you don’t want to allow for criticism that undermines it. This goes for products, politics, people, ideologies, special interests. Youtube knows exactly what they are doing and the real reasons as to why they are doing it, and it has nothing to do with the interests of the normal viewers who are much better served being able to see if a video is disliked. Youtube trying to tell us otherwise is just another reason to dislike and distrust them.

  3. Idea: a 3rd party browser plugin that gives you some sort of public API on a non-Google backend, which replaces Likes/Dislikes on YouTube videos. Could even be extensible to the Web in general. Think “Be able to upvote/downvote anything, anywhere”

  4. Youtube as a platform has been dying for a while now.

  5. So then what? People are just going to express their feelings about then video in the comments instead… IS YOUTUBE GONNA REMOVE COMMENTS TOO????

    Fucking idiots.

  6. youtube/google/alphabet is just making a string of really bad decisions, from removing polls in the I card to removing annotations, Full subscriber counts, Public video statistics, publicly editable polls, etc etc SO MANY BAD DECISIONS [Removed youtube features](https://en.everybodywiki.com/List_of_features_removed_from_YouTube)

  7. Every site seems intent on sucking as much as possible it seems.

  8. what an absolutely stupid update, knowing the dislikes to something is actually something that can save you a shit ton of time watching tutorials and also give you an idea if the content creator is using botted likes/views to increase their own flow in the algorithm…


  10. This sucks dislikes are important to indicate that the video is inaccurate or poor quality

  11. I think the the uploader can already hide the like / dislikes

  12. There will be posters that state: DISLIKED!

    And those comments will have similar effects, eventually.

  13. Should also archive the likes/ratio/views too. Just having the amount of dislikes archived isn’t very useful if we don’t know how many likes there were at the time.

  14. Emperor Lemom made an EXCELLENT video about how dislikes are important to youtube. Removing them is a mistake.

    [Why You Should Like Dislikes](https://youtu.be/fdGbOT8NXnE)

  15. This is a terrible idea. They’re removing one of the most used feedback tools on the site. [It’s arguably one of if not the most used feedback tool available to us.](https://youtu.be/fdGbOT8NXnE)

  16. I have this data for about 1.2B videos. If you plug the video id or the channel id in the search box on https://filmot.com it will show you a summary page. The dislike count is not exposed in the interface currently, I will add it in a few hours. Of course the data I have only reflects a certain count at the time when it crawled the video. My crawl resources are limited and I only updated counts for videos over a certain view count. Less popular videos were only crawled once.

    There is also this older dataset from 2019 that has data on 1.4B videos, including dislike counts.

    Edit: added the dislike count to the video and channel pages

    For example:

  17. Really? That’s just idiotic for a number of reasons but I think the saddest point I can make is it’s going to ruin the neutral response meta

  18. I wonder if someone will just make an extension for this to replace it. Won’t be the same, but it will be better than nothing.

  19. Let’s be honest at to why they’re doing this. The White House’s videos are down voted massively compared to upvotes. Not to different from why Netflix got rid of the star system.

  20. Is there a youtube video about dislikes that we could all dislike??

  21. Further proof that YouTube is barely interested in content creators and having it be a platform for discourse – it’s just a tone-deaf advertising platform, just like broadcast TV

  22. I agree wholeheartedly… I discovered this by chance this morning… and it makes it incredibly difficult to make informed decisions about whether or not it is worth watching the video or not. I will not be venturing into unknown channels or content without a dislike counter now 🙁

  23. I really don’t like this either, dislikes help in judging if a video is actually worth watching

  24. Another stupid decision from YouTube. Google is the king of stupid decisions. Sometimes I just wonder how the hell is that company still operating.

  25. Dislikes are more important than the like button in my opinion. The like/dislike ratio shows a basic sentiment among the majority and by removing it, they will be hiding bad info

  26. Not really happy about this. A lot of times when looking for a video on a niche topic I’ll find one that looks like what I’m after, but the video will have a horrible like/dislike ratio and will clue me in that it’s probably not worth my time. I imagine the new test will be if the likes/views ratio is horrible.

  27. Big corporates don’t like being disliked into oblivion, YouTube should have stood up to them.

  28. I dislike the idea, but I believe it would be very interesting to release data on it after a few months. VICE, for example, appears to have videos that have at least 50% dislikes, if not more. Will they fall if people do not see an increase in the number of votes cast?

  29. Wow, would loved to have been a fly on the wall for those meetings and interested to see if other platforms follow suit.