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Did anyone here ever try playing “RuneScape” from 2004-2007? (Even just once for a couple of minutes) All original versions of the game are lost.

Hi all,

If you don’t know, RuneScape is an online RPG that was pretty popular in the mid 2000s. However all the original copies of the game files from before 2007 are lost, with the developers themselves not keeping backups.

Therefore we’re appealing here to see if anybody has it saved on an old computer, or hard drive. Even if you just played it once for a minute to see what it was then never again, you should have the full game data, because it was automatically downloaded via browser. If anyone wants to check, it would be stored in
**C:/WINDOWS/.file_store_32** , or **C:/WINDOWS/.jagex_cache_32** (C:/WINNT on some older operating systems) It should look something like [this](https://i.imgur.com/8JO82vh.png). Alternatively you could just search everything for “main_file_cache”.

Thanks in advance, and also if you know of any other places dedicated to data hoarding that might be able to help I’d be very grateful.

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40 Yorumları

  1. Looks like I have .jagex_cache_32 that contains files from March-July 2010 if those would help? I’ll try looking through archives of my other computers to see if I have others.

  2. I know by now no one is probably paying attention to this post. But my dad had an old ass dell inspiron(?) that I used to get on runescape with. It’s sat at their house for years now. Would have probably been around 2005-2006. I could check if he still has it.

  3. Yes I know exactly where a old copy of the entire program is. Let me see if I can get it. it’s on a old hard drive, in a computer no one uses and I know for a fact the game is installed, and even better I know it WORKS cause I tried to boot it for kicks and giggles about a year ago. It might take a little time to get, but I know for certain it’s there. It would be about 2002-2004 edition I think.

    **What are y’all up to?**

  4. I have two computers at my parents house that probably are chock full of these files from the years my brother and I played. Next time I’m in town I’ll check.

  5. I ran a runescape botting forum during that time, I have tons of .jars.

    We’d had to re-hook client fields after updates, so much java obfuscation.

    I have a backup of our old forum from 2008, should have many deob tools, and modified client loaders etc.

    Not sure why you’d want the files, but I’ll look when I can.

  6. I think ive got an old xp machine around that I used in late middle school. Maybe 06, that I played rs on.

  7. I lost some data years back to a corrupt drive. Sadly that may have taken older versions. So far I have found 11,12,13,16,17 (years). Any interest? Ill search more today.


    Edit: Just found 08, 09

  8. I have never thrown away a hard drive and played RuneScape on and off since 2001. I can go back and check if I can find the ide to USB thing.

  9. Might have a very old version somewhere from when some of us playing Mercenaries of Astonia gave it a spin (and then promptly returned).

  10. Do you mind if I can repost this to the r/runescape and maybe r/2007scape? I play both and a 2005 veteran player. I wish I can contribute with old pictures from those times if I had my old computer HDD. Those are long gone from my possession.

  11. I may or may not have those files. I’ll need to look for those drives. But it’s likely I have files for 2007 +

  12. What are you plans for the files? Do you have a way to play them?

  13. I did quite a lot on a pc still at my parents house, I’ll be there over thanksgiving. I’ll make a note in case you want to remind me if nobody else has found it by then.

  14. Unfortunately not much you can do outside grinding all over again

  15. I don’t see that anyone else has asked, so please allow me: **What are your plans?**

    I’m curious, as a current 2007scape player. I loved the old versions of the game, content > graphics.

  16. None of the computer I played on would still be working at this point. That was before I was into backups.

  17. I’m kind of curious how this game was installed—since all copies are lost, I’m guessing they did not have individual versioned downloads that could’ve been mirrored elsewhere, and maybe you just got a setup program which then automatically downloaded whatever the most recent version was?

  18. I never played it, but I did have some ancient hard drives laying around backed up, and…

    $ ls windows/.file_store_32
    -rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 6574743 Apr 19 2005 main_file_cache.dat

    Would you like it and its friends?

    e: [blah](https://www.dropbox.com/s/g6igcs6n956cp0s/runescape.tgz?dl=0)

  19. We’re also missing a large 11 month chunk between 2002-10-23 and 2003-08-19, in the RuneScape Classic era. We have absolutely nothing from that entire time span, except for official newsposts & tip.it forums.

    Prior to 2001-05-10 is also lost, but I feel like there’s actually a really good chance that someone played in late 2002/2003. The game had started picking up some real traction by that time.

    You’d be looking for “.jag” or “.mem” files for the cache, and “mudclient” + version_number + “.jar” for the actual binary. Classic didn’t store files in a standard location as far as I can tell. Instead it would likely be in the internet browser’s temp files.

    Also look for files named “g34zx”, “1jfds”, “94jfj”, “k23lk”, “mn24j”, “k4o2n”, “zko34”, “plam3”, “zn12n”, “cht3f”, “lam3n”, “zl3kp”, “a2155”, or “zck35”, which should be in C:\WINDOWS\.file_store_32

  20. I will never take this sub for granted, you bastards are my heroes. I wish I could have also help but the OG PC I was using is fubar’d and long gone, but I am glad others could.

  21. I have some old IDE drives from 2004-2008 that might have it as I was playing at the time. Will have to find an adapter to hook them up.

  22. They stored their files in c:/Windows…. That goes a long way to explaining why the developers also didn’t know how to maintain backups.

  23. Wow, I’m surprised those are missing. I would have some but my hard drive from that era doesn’t spin up anymore and I was too dumb to get backups before I tried last year. Would require some forensic analysis…

  24. Like this? (from folder Windows.file_store_32) There are more files in my backup, this is a sample. This is from a text file dump of the contents of the backup file. I need to locate the backup if this is what you want, I think I still have it.

    4/25/2006 4:17:54 PM ___A 15,344,605 main_file_cache.dat

    4/25/2006 4:21:22 PM ___A 54 main_file_cache.idx0

    4/25/2006 4:21:22 PM ___A 88,944 main_file_cache.idx1

    4/25/2006 4:16:26 PM ___A 6,216 main_file_cache.idx2

    8/14/2005 2:23:51 PM ___A 2,850 main_file_cache.idx3

    4/25/2006 4:21:22 PM ___A 8,160 main_file_cache.idx4

  25. I did play it, but mostly at the library. The one PC I played it on is long gone :/

  26. I have some, but I have no idea how old they are beyond “older than June 2010” as that’s the date the backup was created. There are (unrelated) log files in that backup from late 2007, so it COULD be what you are looking for, I just have no way to check.

  27. I need a way to connect an IDE drive, I am sure I played it

  28. This is not entirely true. Private servers have this data. If you want the unmodified data than it would be harder. Luckily for you I have it.

    If you want a broken copy of the Christmas website check the pinned post on my profile.

    I am almost certain I have the unmodified clients on one or many of my backups and will look once I’m home from work. Year unknown but Its highly likely that I have back to 2007.

  29. Is this what you’re looking for?

    total 180
    -rw——- 1 v v 182896 Sep 15 2011 main_file_cache.dat0

    I don’t think it’s the *original* original runescape, but from it’s release as ‘RuneScape Classic’

  30. If you’re asking this I’m going to assume you’re already familiar with the [317 revision](https://rsclients.fandom.com/wiki/Revision_317) popular amongst private servers of the era? That seems like it’d be the most complete old version of runescape.

    Edit: Actually, doing some digging it looks like there’s a [revision 194](https://rsclients.fandom.com/wiki/Revision_194) which is about as old as you can get in rs2. They have a download link for the cache but I haven’t tried/audited what’s in there.

  31. The truly classic runescape, I was deep into it freshman and sophomore year of high school. I didnt know it was lost, hope you or someone can find it.

  32. If any of them are still up, it’d likely also be possible to recover the game from private servers or any of the bot vendors that made their clients

  33. I have a windows/.jagex_cache_32/runescape folder with 879 mb of data. Files are dated April 2013, but I have no idea if that is accurate. There are no executables, only .dll, .dat? and .idx? files. Is this what you need?

  34. I played it, but the computer would most likely be at my parents house. I’ll have to remember to check it when I go home for the holidays.

  35. I played it but the computer died years ago. :/ Good luck!

  36. “Lost”. Jamflex “found” an old source of 07 from right when it was released and that’s what OSRS started out as and became what it is today.

    I never believed their no backup story when EOC was released. A company that big, with that much money, and no backups seems highly unlikely to me.

    I wish you luck but you’re not the first person that’s been looking for things like this. Scythe forums and that other one would be the best spot and it’s not there. You’d have better luck using the current version and stripping all of the things that have been added probably.

    EDIT: Sorry, I see you said BEFORE 2007. Your post makes more sense now. I’ve seen that source floating around but I forget where.