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Data Hordering – Early 2000’s style. 160 sleeves per case. Soft touch drawers. Time to retire. So Sad.

Data Hordering – Early 2000’s style. 160 sleeves per case. Soft touch drawers. Time to retire. So Sad.

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44 Yorumları

  1. Is there a backup program. That can do incremental backups across multiple disks like this …for free?

  2. Buncha god damned nerds in here. ……. i love it! =)

  3. I swear when I looked at the thumb, that I thought you had one of those 2×2 Ikea shelving units and had them filled with laser discs. I was about to ask where you found a vendor selling huge sleeves and if you had Speed on LD.

  4. And a 1″ 3-ring binder with a list of what’s on each numbered disc, yes?

  5. anyone remember HVD discs? they could hold up to 6 tb each so:

    if there’s one disc per sleeve, 160 per drawer and and 8 drawers then:

    160×8= 1280 discs

    1280×6= 7,680 (7.68 petabytes)

  6. idk why, but somehow the scale looked much larger and they looked like laserdiscs, and i was really fascinated as to how you were datahoarding on laserdiscs

  7. Thought that was a ton of lazerdisks for a moment

  8. If CDs count, I’ve been a datahoarder for decades longer than I realized

  9. I still have a couple spindles of CD-Rs and DVD-Rs (not sure which, -R or +R) and I’ll probably never use them up now. Actually, now that everything I have can boot off USB, I suspect I might use 5 of each in the next 30 years at most.

  10. replace those with dual layer bluerays at 50gb each and you’ve got some serious cold backup there.

    It will take 12 years to fill them all but archives are archives.

  11. I couldn’t figure out the scale and I spent ages looking at these thinking they were vinyl. My partner’s now obsessed with it and it’s showing.

  12. I’m about ready to go back to CDs and DVDs. I’ve lost two external hard drives in the last year, pisses me off

  13. Love it. I still have one soft-touch cd drawer/case. Full of classic games like Sims, Quake, Splinter-Cell and whatnot for PC. Oh yeah, and like 6 of those cereal box cd’s full of games like “Life” from once upon a time. God I miss the 2000’s… 2020’s aren’t off to a promising start :-/

  14. If all those discs are full to capacity assuming 800mb CD-R, and this system is full to capacity, thats roughly 1tb of data.

  15. I felt a little sadness when I got rid of my huge collection of burned DVD-Rs. That was until I thought about the fact that 99% of them were low res copies of stuff I’d never watch again and was all available in high-res today, lol.

  16. Nice.

    Makes me miss the 1000’s of floppy disks I lost when I had a terrible sewer backup that flooded my basement a few years back. (several feet of shit water in your basement is a nightmare). They represented all my data hoarding in my teens and 20’s through the 90’s…

    Ahh, the good ol days.

  17. 160 x 700 x 6 is well short of a terabyte. Just sucks having to rip them all.

  18. I clicked on the link expecting loads of ZIP disks. I was sadly mistaken.

  19. Threw about that much away in my last move, too. Didn’t even look at most of it, since… well, if you’re not missing it, does it still count?

    The sad truth is it’s faster downloaded with today’s speeds than you’re going to find it on these DVDRs.

  20. NAS and an offsite backup.

    I use ZFS on a boring linux file server and CrashPlan. (Real limit is 10TB for their unlimited plan, I think I might be at 2TB…)

  21. This reminds me of the decade or so that my church recorded services to CD/DVD where every few months we’d have to buy two new 150-disc carousels with which to store them in the basement.

    And then the filing cabinets upon filing cabinets upon filing cabinets of audio cassette, SVHS and 3/4″ tape storage from the 20 years prior to recording to CD and DVD.

  22. 160×8=1280 discs (assuming CD-R)
    1280x650MB = 832,000 MB = 832 GB.

    You could replace that entire storage with 1TB SSD/HDD/MicroSD.

  23. What type of disks are these?

    160 sleeves per drawer = 1,280 discs in total.

    Curious about how much data is on each / is in total.

  24. Is it best to keep CDs vertical like that? I believe the answer is yes.

  25. Soft touch drawers? Am I too young to get this reference?

  26. How long are the access times?

    2-3 minutes I guess.

    Do you mean seconds? That is insanely slow!

    ….no minutes


  27. I have one of these! I use it for my collection of M-Discs. I use WinCatalog in conjunction with that to keep a searchable database of everything that’s on the discs.

  28. Early 2000s? I do hope you can get all the data off them.

  29. Don’t retire them! Start using bluray’s for your optical backups!

  30. I don’t know why, but at first glance I couldn’t get the scale and thought those were laser discs…

  31. You reminded me of an old box of 3.5″ floppies I have I can’t bring myself to rid of. This post just motivated me to throw $30 bucks at amazon to get an external drive to see what even I could still recover from any of those.

    It’ll at least free up the annual griping i get from the wife about why we still have these sitting around collecting dust.

  32. Why are you retiring them? With blu rays this could be a lot of cold storage.

  33. Any reasons, apart from the place they take, to retire them?

  34. There are storage boxes available that can hold 1000 disks. There are useful stacked up as an archive.

  35. I need to get some of these storage cases, I’ve got a lot of archived stuff from recording sessions that I need to keep on CD.

  36. Only way to deal with HUGE MS Select disc inventory back in the day.

  37. Wow, dedication. What are you going to do with all of them, trash?