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Data hoarding also means having bigger hard drives, right?

Data hoarding also means having bigger hard drives, right?

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37 Yorumları

  1. i would love if they made hdd this physical size with modern tech, just to see what would come from it lol

  2. I see your full height hard drive, but have you seen this Eagle?

  3. Real talk, if they made a hard drive that was the same physical size as that old one, but using modern technology, how much data would it be able to hold?

  4. Well not this one, it’s got a fingerprint on the platter!

  5. i had some drives that big from the early 80’s i took the magnets out of. they were SUPER strong, like 3 away they’d still attract each other

  6. Woah, this is cool. I don’t know shit about computers so I don’t know how impressive this is, but it looks awesome. I have two similar ones on my shelf, but they have only one metal disk thing, and they are pretty thin. My dad just gives them to me whenever a laptop dies.

    My two: [https://imgur.com/a/RNSmxM7](https://imgur.com/a/RNSmxM7)

  7. you should put a 1TB MicroSD card next to those two…

  8. You vs the data hoarder she tells you not to worry about? 😉

  9. Btw, If you ever see the term “half height” on an older 3.5″ hard drive it was a thicker version of the 3.5″ drive size. (modern 3.5″ drives are the thickness of the old 3.5″ floppy drives which appeared after half height drives)

    That half height refers to it being half the height of a full height drive. OPs drive on the left is a full height drive.

  10. Apple fans would say “they should keep the size and just upgrade the capacity!!!”

  11. I used to have a disk pack that had glass disks about 30cm across in a caddy that you put on the drive. Or was one of the things that got dumped when i moved.

    Can’t remember the capacity, but I remember far too many years ago (30?) explaining that it was less than the floppy disk in my hand (although I don’t remember if the floppy was 8″, 5½” or 3¼.

  12. I remember cleaning out the IT space from a former employer and seeing a couple of these same size or bigger. Had like a 50MB capacity. The thing was heavier than a stack of bricks.

  13. My dad had something similar tot his at home for a long time. I wonder if he still has it..?

  14. You should build a harddrive into the harddrive!

  15. Lemme put my old man hat on…

    My first hard drive was an Atari SH-204.


    I opened it up. Inside was a 5.25″ full height Rodime drive with an MFM controller. The seek time, a stat so fast now nobody even states it anymore, was 65ms.

    I can ping servers thousands of miles away now faster than the hard drive could locate a random sector.

    The best part is that it cost nearly all of my graduation money, $985 in June of 1987.

    That’s $49.5mil per terabyte.

    Except that doesn’t take inflation into account. That’s $2350 in 2021 dollars, so it’s really $117mil per terabyte.

    Black Friday deals last November got me 9x 14tb easystores at $149 each, or $10.64/tb.

  16. The magnets in those things will break your fingers. Took one apart like 20 years ago and a coworker wanted to play with the huge magnets.

    I told him “Whatever you do, keep them at least two feet apart.” First thing the idiot does is “test” how strong they are by holding one in each hand and bringing them together. The magnets took over at about six inches and smashed the shit out of his finger. It took several of us to pull them apart again. (Meanwhile his finger was trapped in there and he’s screaming like mad)

    Dude had the audacity to claim it was my fault. lol

  17. I think we should go to 5.25″ drives again with current tech. Massive storage capacity.

  18. My RAID is made up of KALOK drives.

    I need to keep 40 on hand for failures.

  19. My fathers Amstrad had a similar beast. 40MB. Enabled him to write some 50 books and 10 000 articles.

  20. A cyber infrastructure engineer I worked with at one of my last jobs worked for a while when he was younger at a hard drive factory. We used a 1GB drive he kept from there that was the weight and form factor of two bricks as a bookend for our office’s O’Reilly/tech bookshelf.

  21. I recall selling 5.25″ harddrives in Compaq PCs in the late 1990s. They used slow spinning 5.25″ drives to reduce noise in some models.

  22. I’d *love* to see how high capacities could reach if we brought back the 5.25 footprint, “full height” drives.

  23. question:

    does the arm on top of the platter still have heads on it somehow, or is that part missing?

    just seeing it it looks like it doesn’t reach nearly close enough to the middle and looks kind of cut off too.

    so curious what’s going on there.

    also really cool display piece of course 🙂

  24. Something that has always baffled me is that there aren’t very many 3.5″ ssds on the market. It just seems obvious that it would be good for data density since you would have more space for nand with the same space taken by the containing metal.

  25. The hard drive pictured is a Maxtor TX-4170E 5.25″ drive next to a typical 2.5″ SSD. It’s capacity is 170MB. It’s about 3″ thick. We’ve got 2 left at my workplace.

    EDIT: Thanks for the 5 reports, but this is an exception to Rule 4 as it’s posted and tagged for Free Post Fridays.