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Data archeolology

Data archeolology

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  1. i am terribly sorry for your loss. lost my grandfather back in october. back everything up in multiple locations asap. what you dont value much today might be important tomorrow.

    have at least 30 flash drives i carry around in a binder and probably another 10 or 15 sitting around my desk. smallest being 256mb.

  2. My AP Computer Science teacher had a collection of data storage devices in a diorama on a wall. It had stuff ranging from punch cards to magnetic tape to LaserDisc’s up to a flash drive.

    That is, until someone stole the flash drive. Which is funny, in a bitter sort of way, because it was one of the earlier ones with only about ten megs of space and therefore mostly useless for modern applications.

  3. My Dad passed away in ’04. He had a closet in his basement lined with 5 1/4 floppies from the TRS-80 days. I found a Model III on Ebay, restored it and went through the disks. 99.9 percent of ’em still worked.

    This was data from as far back as 1979. Stored properly that data was still viable for almost 40 YEARS.

    Back that stuff up if it’s important to you. My dad used to lament the fact that when he died, everything he knew would be lost. He wasn’t entirely correct.

    Sorry about your Grandfather OP. Try and have a good New Year.


    All my poor Zip Disks from when I was a teen and early 20s. Gone to magnetic degradation. Dozens of old HDDs, dead due to hardware shorts or just degradations of platters. CD-Rs and DVD-Rs literally with pieces falling out of them from their reflective layers.

    At least my old Diamond Rio MP3 player with a transflash card STILL FUCKING WORKS. I’m pretty sure as long as I don’t submerge it in water, that thing will work long after I’m gone. That and my old 8088 palmtop computer that I got from US Marine jet pilots that used to be a backup loadout and target data system incase the onboard borked. Used AA batteries and had a grayscale CGA screen and a teeeeeeeeny keyboard. Used a PCMCIA storage adapter. Ran DOS. Love that thing. Like a tank. Useless, but can still be used to read things.

  5. At least 5 Generation of “wd my book”
    I have a lot with the Morse coded slits in the enclosure. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Digital_My_Book#Morse_code

    All later/modern wd enclosures except “elements” have encryption facilities which i hate because it might hinder reading the drive in another enclosure or even without in an adapter … so i stopped buying them …

    Even several “wd my book” with a physical identical plug have different power adapters where at least the allowed current is different…
    Using “the wrong” might at least cause undervoltage/bad power or even overheat of the adapter and thereafter power loss…

    The wrong poarity/voltage immediately kills drives …

  6. Wait you have more than 2 usb drives?!


  7. Media archeology. Tasty bits of media you have there. I see no data.

  8. “Hier is de map” I’m curious about this ‘folder’.

    Jokes aside, good luck OP.

  9. It’s too bad this sub has a rule against posts like this. I for one find it pretty interesting to see what other people’s data collections look like. I just started adding labels to my drives after years of having to plug them in to remember for sure what was on them…..

  10. I’ve got 80 MB (megabytes) 2.5″ hdd by IBM. 🙂
    Some 5.25″ floppy disks.

  11. It’s sad to hear of your loss, and that a life of memories is now only digital, but I think it’s touching and reassuring to preserve oneself in this way.

    I myself intend to do precisely this for when I pass away, and I’m actively, slowly but surely moving everything to a stable archive using Git Annex – multiple copies, all indexed, multiple locations, and leaving instructions.

    Good for you for treating the data with respect.

  12. Amiga 500? I ended up with two of those that I gave away later on. I remember being so impressed with Shadow of the Beast when consoles had the original Super Mario Bros game.

  13. If you don’t care in the long run what’s on these, sort this data and put it in amazon glacier (deep archive). Dirt cheap online storage for something like that, still keep the drives to peek inside sometimes but make sure this doesn’t vanish in time.


  14. Wow. I’m currently going through all of my optical backups from like 15 years ago until now. It does feel like archeology. I’ve found some long forgotten gems. Html from my old website, old roller coaster tycoon saves, music I forgot existed, etc, etc, etc.

  15. Nice fossils you have there.

    I still have my very first….

    * ZX Spectrum program stored on a cassette tape
    * Win 3.1 floppy disks
    * Win 95 CD
    * and 64MB USB stick

    Just so i can say to kids of the future, “You don’t know the struggle… back in my day, blah, blah, blah, wise ~~old~~ person stories.”

  16. Reminds me of the time i found 200 or so floppy disk at my grandfather’s house hat all kinds of research papers from the time as a university prof studying. He latter showed me pictures of giant tesla coils making lightning bolts coolest stuff ever

  17. Amazing project, and awesome of you to take it on. Sounds like his data is in good hands. I did the same for my father in law after he passed away (albeit on a smaller scale – just 5 external drives and a small folder of DVD’s.

  18. Lovely old Amiga that have snuck into the back of that picture!

  19. Sad Story, but really nice of you. Today many people just throw all of the stuff of their loved ones out when they pass a way.

  20. My grandfather recently passed away. He was a data hoarder and I promised him to recover and store his collection. This is the devices I have found so far. There is also a couple of computers that I haven’t started yet. I don’t know how many TBs I’m dealing with yet but it shouldn’t be too bad. The binder contains passwords and encryption keys. He was an artist and these drives contains his paintings, photos, music and poetry. Whish me luck!

  21. You never really realize how many thumb drives you own until you line them all up together.