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Dang it… barely bumped it. [Gore]

Dang it… barely bumped it. [Gore]

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  1. “I barely bumped the absolute mother fuck out of it.”

  2. I’ve got a busted drive like this, I was able to slide the broken plastic piece into the sata cable end and carefully slide the drive’s metal prongs into the cable end. Been running for a few years like that.

  3. Embarassing story from a couple of years ago, I’ve worked in IT for about a decade but just started getting my degree a few years ago. First year, PC Hardware, day one we had to install HDDS in the lab computers. the SATA cable they gave me was just a little too short but I didn’t want to seem inexperienced and ask for a longer one. You can guess the rest from there.

  4. Take a SATA cable, cut it in half. Solder the contact leads you see here to the appropriate wires in the SATA cable you just cut. The drive will now have a permanent SATA cable attached to it. Just like new.

  5. If you have any data on it you can slide it into some sort of enclosure and probably still get the data off. I did that before.

  6. You can absolutely pull the data from this drive.

  7. I did this the other day. Was able to stick the plastic piece back on there and it stayed. Applied a dab of glue and tested a sata cable. When I found it worked, I glued the cable on permanently.

  8. Fixed it with a hot glue. Working for a year so far now ☺️

  9. This literally happened to my yesterday.

    Guess I’m soldering this evening lol

  10. happened to me with a 3TB HDD, i used a docking station to retrieve my data.. just have to put something by the HDD so the metallic contacts are connected to each other until the data transfer finishes..

  11. I can copy the files out from the WD disk with this type of cable.

  12. I’ve taken needle nose to bent pins before and they work great

  13. Order a replacement connector from mouser or digikey, and pay a TV repair shop $20, they’ll be able to replace just the connector without needing an entire board swap.

  14. Look 100% recoverable. Just slowly bend the pins back and your golden.

  15. Lucky the pubs are still intact. Could you take the board off and replace it? I wouldn’t let a 10TB go like that

  16. Happened to me too. These SATA connectors really suck. You’d think they could design an effective connector, billions of dollars in profits but engineering, that’s beyond them 🙁

  17. This recently happened to me on a 16TB drive. Ughh.

  18. I just repaired a drive by soldering directly to the pins of a drive. It was a huge pain in the arse.

  19. That happend to me once with a brand new drive.

    Do you still have the broken piece?
    Put it inside of a cable connector and try to thread the pins in.
    Then glue the whole connector onto the drive. Worked years for me.

  20. This happened to me twice. Both times I repaired it by hot gluing one of these to it: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ESJ77U5

    The down side is they don’t work in SATA docks anymore…

  21. Last time I have had something like this I just put sata cable in and hotglued it. You can also use epoxy or superglue for good measure. Should work.

    EDIT: Now I see that you tried hotgluing.
    Then you can just solder SATA cable directly and secure it with hotglue.
    Or you can change entire connector if you feeling adventurous.

  22. Those modern sata connector really are fragile…
    I had the same thing with a SSD, western digital too.
    I don’t know why they cheap out on the plastic when it was better quality on hdd from 2010 and below… And to save what ? A few cents per hdd control board ?

  23. This is why I hope to see the 10TB optical disc in future.

  24. I have done this as well. I just soldered a sata cable directly on the exposed pins. It’s a little bit less convenient since you can’t remove the cable anymore but the drive has worked without any issues for years. I don’t remember but I think I removed the plastic from the connector on the cable so I had the bare copper fins which I soldered directly to the fins of the drive but I don’t remember exactly.

  25. You can replace plastic piece as whole gently pushing it from board and can replace it with an another one if you are up to.

  26. I remember seeing a tip online where they place the broken off plastic piece in a cable/adapter and gently slide the exposed pins in the right spot on the adapter. Then they glue it to the drive. Not recommend to keep using it that way, but would work to get data off.

  27. I think you can still set them right with a slight touch of an axe.

  28. if you had some irreplaceable data on there then this would be one of the few candidates for a board swap I think; those are still possible on modern drives right?

  29. Find an old WD drive and with a hot knife cut off the plastic part of the sata connector. Glue with a glue that fuses the plastic together. No idea if that’ll work, but it might make it easier to align the pins in the sata cable.

  30. That’s one of my 10TB WD Reds. I was doing some cable management on my PC and I bumped it. The cable had been stressed against the case for a while, I guess. Good thing I have a back up. It even worked for a while before showing as a 2048GB partition and then failing to initialize in disk management. I tried hot gluing the cable to it, but I think its done.