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Czkawka 2.0 – App to clean duplicates, similar images, broken symlinks etc. now with support of multithreading, new progress bar, performance improvements, Windows support etc.

Czkawka 2.0 – App to clean duplicates, similar images, broken symlinks etc. now with support of multithreading, new progress bar, performance improvements, Windows support etc.

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39 Yorumları

  1. I have files that are named:

    XXXX (2)

    Where XXXX (2) is a compressed version of XXXX. I want to find matching names that match the first 12 characters, and then give me a list of the duplicates of that name. So like matching name, except XXXX[wildcard]

    View post on imgur.com

  2. View post on imgur.com

    Why does it do full hash?

    I only wanted it to do a small hash. If they match in first MB then they are matching files. I don’t want full hashes wtf, what’s the point in doing a hash of first mb if it’s gonna do full hashes anyway??

  3. I finally got around testing it, and it seems nothing happens when I select some files and click the symlink button…

    Any idea what’s going on?

  4. does the invalid symlink search only work on unix? Or am i misunderstanding what it’s supposed to do?

    Search for files with links pointing to nothing and add them to the list. then check other listed drives for said file and offering to correct the issue


    – 2 Drives supplied for search, C: and D:

    – Symlink points to ‘C:gamescool gamecool game.exe’

    – (does NOT exist) C:gamescool gamecool game.exe

    – (DOES exist ) D:gamescool gamecool game.exe

    The search completes but it doesn’t list the invalid symlink, nor does it correct it.

  5. How can I download and use this? Would this be considered the best option at this moment to find photos duplicates?

  6. Can it merge identical files with hardlinks like jdupes? If so, how does it perform compared to it?

  7. Thank you, OP.

    Please pardon my ignorance, but how do you use this on OS X?

  8. I saw the [issue 136](https://github.com/qarmin/czkawka/issues/136) about the new name, and I hope you’ll keep that one. It’s kind of sad to see tools having all kind of the same name (usually in English). I like yours.

    You could however put a link to [Wikitionary](https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/czkawka) and the IPA /ˈt͡ʂkaf.ka/ and maybe an approximation for people who don’t know IPA Ch’Kaf’ka (sounds a bit like Goa’uld but eh).

  9. Lovely! Just cleared 10GB of duplicate data using this. The hard drive was making some unusual noises in the process though…

  10. Oh, I remember that previous post of yours. I actually used that program once and it worked great! Thanks for continuing the development!

  11. What’s the difference between this and alldup?

  12. Worked great for a project I had waiting around, found 29k duplicate photos using very high setting. Now how do I tell it to delete all but the highest resolution/storage used? It will take me a year to go through this manually selecting and hitting delete.

  13. Love what I’ve seen, running the gui version on Windows just fails. AV off, run in terminal, etc. Nothing happens. I know it’s something here. Will use on a Linux machine later.

  14. Thank you, man! I loved dupeGuru but never found a suitable replacement for Windows when they hid the downloads. Great work!

  15. How are duplicates *removed*? Are dupes presented in a big list that the user goes through deleting things manually?

  16. Thank you for crafting and sharing this tool.

    Are all 6,000 files in the “windows_czkawka_guishareiconsAdwaita” directory (e.g., accessories-calculator.png, address-book-new.png, audio-headphones.png, etc.) really necessary?

  17. I’ll definitely check it out! You should consider putting it in a docker container to easily port it to the rest of the platforms (erm, unraid)

  18. Dear u/krutkrutrar
    I tried it under macOS with the precompiled binary and seems to work great (in text mode). Is it possible to run it with GUI on mac?

    Skusiłem się na soróbowanie głównie ze względu na nazwę 🙂 Całkiem możliwe, że zostanę wiernym użytkownikiem!

  19. As much as I would love to watch your video, Reddit video player is trash and doesnt work

  20. What’s the difference between this and dupe guru?

  21. I like the app, but I feel like its success will be hindered by the fact alone that most non-Polish people will have no idea how to spell or pronounce its name.

  22. That looks very cool for empty folders and 0kb files. Any chances of finding thumbs.db and ds store files as well?

    For the photos does it work by visually looking at photos so 2 exact photos 1 jpeg and another tif be detected as the same?

  23. All my files are on network shares. I’ve perused the app but I don’t see a way to add a network share to rip through a NAS and kill a network ;)?

  24. is it just me, or is the only resolution available for the video 240p ?

    i literally can’t read a single word on the screen ( ,_,)

  25. Thank you! I remember there was an option to delete duplicate files in “Glary Utilities” for Windows too 🙂

  26. Should have called it grzegorz brzęczyszczykiewicz

  27. I’ll never remember how to say or spell that name, which means I’ll never remember it when trying to search for it. I suspect that’s true for a majority of users as most people don’t speak Polish or similar languages, which would be a death knell to a project’s popularity.

    It doesn’t matter how unique a project name is if it makes it too hard for users to remember it.

  28. FYI – From Github: works with Linux, MAC (CLI only), and Windows.

    App Executing Time

    FSlint 2.4.7 (Second Run) 86s

    Czkawka 1.4.0 (Second Run) 12s

    DupeGuru 4.0.4 (Second Run) 28s

    Edit: Fixed bad paste

  29. Hi,

    3 months ago I posted on Reddit news about releasing version 1.0.0 of my Czkawka app written in GTK3 and Rust which aimed to be faster and with more useful tools for casual users app than FSlint.

    Since that time, app got a lot of new feature and performance improvements.

    This are most notably changes:
    – Support for multi-threading – usual 2x – 5x speedup depending on processor(thanks rayon!)
    – The GUI is no longer frozen when searching
    – Added progress bar
    – Added official Snap, Appimage and Cargo packages – unofficial builds are also available for Arch
    – New pretty logo – thanks jannuary
    – Project settings with saving/loading configuration from file
    – Image previews
    – Replacing files with symbolic links
    – “PreHash” support – before comparing hash of entire file, first 2KB is checked to earlier remove non duplicated files
    – Windows GUI Support
    – New CLI

    New tools:
    – Similar Images – looks for similar images which have e.g. different size, have watermark etc.
    – Same Music – search for same music basing on tags
    – Zeroed files – finds files filled with zeros
    – Invalid symlinks – finds and exterminate invalid symbolic links

    Repository – [https://github.com/qarmin/czkawka](https://github.com/qarmin/czkawka)
    Instruction with explanation how each tool works – [https://github.com/qarmin/czkawka/blob/master/instructions/Instruction.md](https://github.com/qarmin/czkawka/blob/master/instructions/Instruction.md)
    Files to download – [https://github.com/qarmin/czkawka/releases](https://github.com/qarmin/czkawka/releases)

    License – MIT