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Creating a community data horde for a neighbourhood documentary

I’ve hunted high and low for just the right platform, but haven’t found the thing that I’m imagining must exist somewhere …. or ought to.

I’m producing a documentary about a significant 1950s subdivision in Canada. I’m looking for a great way to gather material from current and former residents – their photos, videos, ephemera. I’d like to end up with a browsable archive that can carry on in perpetuity.

I’d like something easy for the community member to use, desktop or mobile, without a direct invite, but possibly requiring login. Because there’s an intent to repurpose and republish, I’d like to have a step with a rights release that can be given an online signature. That’s an unlikely desire, but in case it exists….

Extra description data seems essential: what’s in this picture? When was it taken? By who? Who gets credit for it? Etc.

If the answer, in the end, is that there’s no elegant platform for this, and I should just use Dropbox or Google Drive, and do it all by hand, okay. But I figured I’d ask you folks first out of respect for the craft of data hoarding. Thanks.

Edit: yes, I see the mistake in the title. Booooooo me.

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2 Yorumları

  1. Great question! There are a variety of open source Content Management systems available through the Softaculous service included free with many shared hosting plans.

    We used fastcomet.com and get great support and a good discount on a 3-year contract. They raised their prices to be more in line with the big players, so we are now using hostmantis.com for some open source sites.

    The trick is to find Softaculous software the meets your needs and will stay around for years and is not too difficult to explain and maintain. Try out the easiest CMS you can find after first backing up your account (an easy option on the Hostmantis account homepage).

    As for the rights release, I wouldn’t try to use a method that is complex to set up. If it breaks down the road, your successors may be stuck with the problem. You might try some combination of an online form with a required checkbox field, name, and email address. The checkbox confirms that the member agrees to the rights terms with respect to all material they contribute. You could also include the rights provision in you Terms of Service.

    With a CMS it shouldn’t be hard to allow people to sign up without approval by an admin but requiring an email address confirmation.

    Good luck – fun project!

    P.S. If you get a horde of people contributing, you *could* call them “a community data horde” 🙂

  2. I believe a Synology NAS would work best for something like this. Or some other NAS form.