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Cox slows Internet speeds in entire neighborhoods to punish any heavy users

Cox slows Internet speeds in entire neighborhoods to punish any heavy users

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  1. As someone with 500/500 for 50 USD unlimited i feel bad for you guys. Some days I do a few TiB. Monthly it’d 8-14 TiB on average. I feel like you us consumers are getting screwed over the on a daily basis by your politicians and their poor regulatory efforts.

  2. >Cox slows Internet speeds in entire neighborhoods to punish everyone in those neighborhoods.

  3. This exactly happened to me. Cox emailed me saying I had to reduce my upload amount or else I would be kicked off their service. I have paid $50 extra a month for unlimited data for a year now and they didn’t mention any issues that whole time until they started refunding the unlimited data a couple months ago (which I didn’t ask for). Then all of the sudden they have a problem with the amount of data I’m using on their UNLIMITED plan. Why are they hassling me for using the service I’m paying for? If it’s not unlimited, don’t market it as unlimited.

  4. With the prices this guy is paying I don’t actually feel bad living in Aus.

  5. Telecom companies can get fucked to death by a dry cob of corn

  6. I understand not wanting to do business at a loss, but I wonder why their response is to cut people off instead of raising their rate.

  7. Our internet speed is abysmal so we can’t stream anything, we have to download slowly.
    We then get cut off if we go over some quota despite having unlimited internet.
    I can’t wait to get out of here and go throw this wifi box at their office window.

  8. How the fuck a cow slowed the internet speed of an entire neigh… oh, cox. Forget it.

  9. 35 up and just shy of 950 down at promo price of 99 month with 1TB cap. Don’t know why the Telco is so slow to rollout fiber everywhere, would make a killing over Cox and their monopoly.

  10. This is why ISPs have monopolies over areas is bullshit. I guarantee if Cox had competition in that area, not only would he not have to pay $150/mo for service, but they wouldn’t be pulling this slowdown shit. I have Cox. There is nothing else allowed in my area. The city counsel members all took a nice chunk of money from the various ISPs to reserve areas. At least I didn’t get a Comcast area.

  11. 10mbps is pushing it when considering the overheads of TCP and return traffic from scripts and other items. That’s just BS

  12. If they did this to me, I would have to remind them that what they’re doing is illegal and isn’t part of the ToA that was included when I agree to it. Also, when I paid for the unlimited internet, I expected to get unlimited internet. If they cannot handle it, it just goes to ask: what the heck are all those “fees” we’ve been paying going into? I had thought they were upgrading and maintaining their infrastructure.

  13. That’s what happens when the market is not regulated : the companies just do whatever the fuck they want, with extreme caution not to use common sense, and never to concede any fault on their part.

    Plus, these kind of prices are insane.

    This article is a very good insight into all the ways the internet infrastructure is built in the US.

  14. Can we make it a law that the top 10 highest paid people at any ISP that gets caught being anti-neurtral get executed publicly?

  15. Bad enforcement of existing laws has treated us quite nicely 🙂

  16. This should be absolutely illegal.

    Thankfully I live in a civilized country where none of the ISPs have datacaps and none are throttling speeds even if one uses tons of bandwidth. And that’s how it should be – don’t sell capacity you can’t produce. This is one of those issues which boils down to competition, which there is none in US, which would be super easy to fix if politicians weren’t owned by the cable-companies, namely by forcing the cable-companies to sell their capacity at fair price to their competitors.

    I’ve got 100/10mbit VDSL (5 eur / month) and 4G 600/50 from my employer (approx. 40 eur / month paid by employer) and I have my traffic loadbalanced between both connections.

  17. This wouldn’t happen if that neighborhood had Municipal Broadband.

  18. 35 mbps? Those upload speeds are absolute shit for a gigabit plan to being with.

  19. FTFY: **Cocks slow Internet speeds in entire neighborhoods to punish any heavy users** !

  20. *internet company slows entire neighborhoods for using service they pay for*