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Complete Nuremberg Trials recordings online. Anyone know a way to offline archive these without listening through all 700+ hours?


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  1. People are recommending things like yt-dlp and such, but I don’t know what that gets us here. These are just flat MP3 files on a server.

    I think this seems to be working to get them all in a single command, although I can’t guarantee it doesn’t miss some files due to a connection reset or something. I’m going to run if a few times to make sure it doesn’t miss anything.

    for x in $(seq 2346 2563); do
    for y in $(seq -f “%03g” 0 29); do
    sleep 2 && wget -c https://film-assets.ushmm.org/recorded_sound/RG-91.${x}_0000_00_${y}.mp3 || break;

    I could also put up a directory after I’m finished downloading to help prevent too much traffic to their server, although it’s still important to have the command here in case people need to download it themselves for some reason. 🙂

    Note that there’s a `sleep` in there. This assumes the process can run for a while, but also means that you’re less likely to get kicked out for sending too many requests. I haven’t been kicked out without the sleep yet, but that’s a risk I’m taking.

    EDIT: Tuned to only download necessary files when possible

  2. The site is a fairly simple structure. Easiest way would be to write a script to iterate the “RG numbers”, and make the following requests the same as the site does e.g.:


    returns a playlist id. Use that id for the following url:


    which returns a json with all the mp3 links for that collection.

  3. Use inspect element and in the network tab, the file shows up with an mp3 link. [https://film-assets.ushmm.org/recorded_sound/RG-91.2346_0000_00_001.mp3](https://film-assets.ushmm.org/recorded_sound/RG-91.2346_0000_00_001.mp3) for example is the first one. If the link doesn’t show up, keep the inspect element window open, and refresh the page, you’ll see it eventually.

  4. Open chrome developer tools networking, press play, find the partial audio, input into youtube-dl (or yt-dlp)


    for example, video 1,

    `yt-dlp https://film-assets.ushmm.org/recorded_sound/RG-91.2346_0000_00_001.mp3`