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Comcast’s 2000Mbit Fiber to the Home

Comcast’s 2000Mbit Fiber to the Home

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28 Yorumları

  1. Congrats mate! And welcome to the FTTH club 🙂

    I made a [small video about how I got fiber.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqWPxz3wo1s)

  2. They recently offered 1000mbit service to me….with a 35mbit upload pipe.

    no thanks. I’ll pass.

  3. Stuck on 25/2 right now, the max my ISP will support in our area. We are several years out from fiber in our neighbourhood as well. Saskatchewan Canada. Like to stick to our local telco.

  4. Beh, I have ATT Fiber 1000/1000 for $60 after deals. Install was free. Equipment was free. Suburb of Austin, TX.

  5. This is very cool. I had just signed up for Verizon’s gig service in the Pittsburgh area. Thought I was cool

  6. You can tell the dude is from Pittsburgh because he has wood panelling in the basement.

  7. > All I had to do was order some patch cables from Amazon and I‘d have everything I needed to setup the 10Gbit LAN. Just three patch cables still ended up being a staggering $60.

    Gah. Please do some basic research. Buying fibre patch cables off Amazon is a rookie mistake.

    [The same cable is less than $3 on fs.com](http://www.fs.com/products/41729.html)

  8. Jesus, for $300/month you can get 5Gbit Fiber in minneapolis…

    edit: scratch that, [it’s now 10Gbit Fiber for $298/month.](https://fiber.usinternet.com/plans-and-prices/)

  9. All you fuckers with symm gig at home can go fuck yourselves… I’m on 100/20 for $100/Mo business line.

  10. I had much the same experience… and definitely want that agent’s contact information…

    If I go to Comc[cough]Xfinity’s website, and enter in my exact street address, I see an offer for 10, 25, 75, 150, and **2000Mbps**….

    I called them up, and they tried to offer me 75…. it was just…
    >Holy fuck, do you have any idea how much money I’m asking to give you?! FIND THE DAMN PRODUCT!

    I’ve even upgraded my network to 10Gbe (also with an ES-16-XG), and I’m putting the final touches on a new firewall for 10giggy goodness. The Chelsios arrived today, actually.

    >Enjoy on unlimited devices at the same time


    Ninja Edit: I’m also curious what the *actual* bill comes to… I don’t need their steenking Jupiter…

  11. They told me, only last year, that I could not “cover the distance” much like the writer of this article has.

  12. Eh I’ll stick to my $50/m Gig line with no installation, activation fees, or any additional taxes or bullshit fees.

    And yes, this is in the US.

    EDIT: Longmont, CO has municipal fiber. Its great.

  13. Can you become a re-seller for your neighbors?

  14. I was in the process of getting Comcast 2Gig when FiOS rolled out 1G service for $69. I decided to stick with 1G until the 2G service comes down in price.

  15. u/PCGamerJim paging u/PCGamerJim

    The datahoarder masses would like a word with you about your article!

  16. And me probably forever… sitting at 10Mbps down and 1 Mbps up.

  17. *Yesterday, Comcast activated a 2000Mbit fiber service at my home. 2000Mbits is fast enough to download an entire 1080p movie in 24 seconds or a 45GB video game in just 3 minutes.*

        So why in the bluest of hells is *Crackle* still buffering? FFS.

  18. Congrats on the Gigabit Pro! I too also have the same service that was recently hooked up and I’m also using Pfsense, BUT I haven’t figured out the proper pfsense setting for IPv6. Have you gotten IPv6 to work properly? If so, would you be so kind as to take a quick screen shot of the IPv6 Settings page (masking out your last part of your IP of course) as I’m very confused as to what do with the Customer IPv6, P2P and P2P Customer Ipv6 settings Comcast gave me as it doesn’t match at all with the settings in Pfsense.

  19. This was the most shocking part –

    > *All around Pittsburgh, spools of unfinished fiber lay on the curbs for weeks…*

    How those spools didn’t walk is beyond me.

  20. Great read. Thanks for sharing. I am just waiting for Fios 1gig service at my address. I’m hoping they don’t offer 2gb because I dont want to upgrade to a 10gb network (I do but my wallet doesn’t). I will go to 10gbe as I expect that to be the future as people probably wont ever run fiber for their home lans.

  21. FYI in London, 1000/1000 fiber is $78 a month before deals.

  22. I saw this on their xfinity service in my area about 9-10 months ago when I decided to leave for their business class(double the speed same price plus only cc in my neighborhood). Sadly I can’t afford/justify $300/month. it’s only Ethernet at least according to their site for my area.

  23. >Because I kept asking for 2000Mbps or 2Gbps service, the agents didn’t know what I was talking about. One agent was even surprised to learn that 2 gigabits was the same as 2000 megabits.

    This is why I trust most customer support with exactly nothing technical.

  24. I know this isn’t exactly data hoarder per say, but still an interesting read