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Collecting Scene movie releases, what do you keep?

I’ve been collecting movies from the scene for a while now as the quality is good and consistent. I get the majority from newsgroups and the folder always comes with sfv, proof, nfo and sample. Should I be keeping any of this? As I think to myself it wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t needed? Also I’ve been compteplating whether to rename the files as it makes things neater and tidier but is it really worth it? I’m just wondering what you guys do? Any opinions would be appreciated. Thankyou

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  1. hahaha, asking /r/DataHoarder what they keep? hahahaha

  2. Delete everything and rename the file to suit your needs. I’d say keep the group name somewhere though, as it could be useful if you find a another (better) encode later on and want to know which one did you have or something. I remux all my mkvs for consistency and I keep them in the title field of the mkv. Something like “MovieTitle (yyyy) [GroupName]” for BluRay encodes or “MovieTitle (yyyy) [WEB-DL – GroupName]”. Maybe the cut too if you keep several (I always just keep the director’s/extended or whatever longer cut there is). For remuxes I ignore the group completely as the A/V is untouched and will be the same no matter the group.

    Still, pay attention in the case of old releases. Back then everyone OCR’d pgs subtitles to srt and usually did poor jobs at that. But some groups included VobSubs converted from the PGS in a separate rar file (they really did hate the pgs format it seems). You may want to keep those or remux them in to save yourself from some poor OCR jobs. Luckily nowadays lots of groups include pgs subs in the mkvs.

  3. I use Sonarr and Radarr to manage this for me, and just last night i was reading up on the website below. I decided to start using the “Minimal details + the irreplaceable data” scheme with the tmdb id added for the new plex scanner and just store everything in the file names. It helps for new downloads, but wont restore that information for previous downloads.

    Assuming you use these tools, it makes really good sense on why you should use file names to store this (if you care about it), since not all the different players support metadata or external files, and at least in the name of the file you would always have it available.


  4. .nfo files can be occasionally helpful. As for proof, samples, etc – I delete them as they serve no purpose (to me).

  5. Scene collecting groups/sites and traders want the original release completely [untouched](http://whyrar.omfg.se/index_eng.php). Most people don’t care and it doesn’t affect how you consume the media, which to most people is all that matters.

  6. I toss everything and add flags in square backets to let me know that it is. For example:

    Jurassic Park (1993) [1080p][Blu-Ray][Remux].mkv

    I’d add another bracket if it’s a specific version like ‘Directors Cut’ or ‘Extended Edition’ or something, just omit that if there’s only one version to worry about. If it’s anime, I’d also include language info, if it’s ‘Dub’ ‘Sub’ or ‘Dual’ for example. I just want enough info that me, the human, knows it’s resolution, source, quality, and any special info if required.

  7. Depends on what you prefer. I usually throw away everything that is not the movie or .nfo (if you open it with notepad you can view some encoding/group information). Sfv contains some information about the rars to check their integrity, but since you likely already unpacked them, it is kinda useless. I would discourage you to rename the files. If you ever share them with someone else it could cause confusion on what release it is.

  8. I would keep the nfos, sfv for checksum reasons. Delete rest.