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Cloud Backup Considerations

Hello all, I have a question that I would like your advice on.

I currently would like to backup around 3TB worth of media to the cloud. It won’t exactly stay at 3TB, as it is slowly growing. I would like to use a cloud solution that would allow me to backup my media while paying a low monthly price (CAD). I’ve been doing some research, and here’s what I’ve found so far:

1. Backblaze – I could just back it up to a B2 storage, but when my media reaches 5-6TB+, I would be paying quite a bit already (Keep in mind, I currently backup approx 1TB worth of important files to the service). I would also could’ve considered the Personal Backup option, but my server (which is on used parts) runs on Unraid, and Backblaze Personal doesn’t run on Linux.
2. Jottacloud – This is what I am sort of considering at the moment, since I can backup my slowly growing 3TB media files, but from what I’ve researched (mostly through past posts of the subreddit), they can terminate your account if you were storing something that’s not in the eyes of the law, per say. I could encrypt it with rclone, but that would take a while to do (30mbps upload), and I’ve never tried the rclone encryption.
3. Crashplan – I’ve actually tried this a while back, but it was super slow on uploading (almost felt like it was being throttled) that I’ve cancelled the upload altogether.

Considering my options, would it be better to just:

1. Create a new bucket on B2, upload the media there for now? Going from 3 to 4TB can take quite a bit, it would depend on the quality of files that I would get, and how often I would add in new files.
2. Pay for a Jottacloud subscription and backup to there, while also encrypting with rclone?
3. Try again with Crashplan?

Thanks, and any other suggestions would help.

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  1. Upvote Backblaze and Wasabi. For a Linux-based systems you can also use https://www.rsync.net/ as cheap alternative cloud storage (2.5 Cents Per GB / Month).

  2. Well, you can look at AWS Glacier or Azure Archive tier. These will have even lower $/TB than B2 but they charge for the download real good and the restore will be slow. Here is the comparison I have found: [https://www.vmwareblog.org/looking-affordable-cloud-storage-aws-vs-azure-vs-backblaze-b2/](https://www.vmwareblog.org/looking-affordable-cloud-storage-aws-vs-azure-vs-backblaze-b2/). I, personally, would go with B2.

  3. You can’t beat Backblaze B2. Lots of 3rd party integrations too for media storage.