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Cheese maker receives cease and desist for video. Let’s archive it?

Cheese maker receives cease and desist for video. Let’s archive it?

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  1. Anyone that actually backed up a copy of this that is willing to share? Missed opportunity, but would like to get my own copy. For science. Tasty, tasty science.

  2. If you have not downloaded it from YouTube, you have until Sunday.

  3. Update. They apologized. The video is still coming down on Sunday.


  4. downloaded and subscribe. thanks Grana Padano consortium!!!

    btw parmigiano is way better than padano. will be looking into his recipe for that too

  5. Used Newpipe just to download the video. But remember to change the title just to protect Gavin.

  6. Ahh yes, the [Streisand Effect](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect).

    Never heard of this guy, nor the G.P. cheese, but now my interest in piqued… Good job consortium, you have just guaranteed the dilution of your brand. 😛

  7. I would write a response along the lines of…

    Dear cheese baron,

    None of the cheeses featured in my videos are ever offered in trade and as such are unable to violate any Australian trademark.

    I realized that the cheese I made is not entitled to be sold or distributed under the Grana Pradano CDO. I made no attempt to do so, and told viewers throughout the video that the cheese should NOT be be considered true “Grana Pradano”. I was using the term only to describe end result of the style attributes (hardness, texture, flavor) I was trying to achieve.

    I am a home cheese-maker making video for the home cheese-maker experimenting with different styles and recipes. I in no way wish to suggest than anyone worldwide may make a cheese that may be sold as Grana Pradano, but rather that anyone is capable of making a cheese with similar attributes to be consumed at home or sold in accordance of all applicable laws.

    I believe that at it’s core my video does not violate and specific trademark protection offered in Australia. If you disagree please point out the relevant statute or case law you rest your argument on. My video are meant to be educational and informative and not as a counterfeiting guide and I’ve intentionally avoided replicating the exact grating, slicing, and packaging of Grana Pradano to help avoid confusion.

    In the interest of good faith, I am immediately removing public access to the video as currently titled and edited. However I plan to re-release after editing that clarifies the relation of my cheese to Grana Pradano and emphasizing your trademark claims outlined in this letter.

    I plant to give you 5 days notice and a private video link before releasing the edited video. If you have any specific edits you’d like to see, I’d be more than happy to accommodate reasonable requests now, or at that time.


    –sincerly little cheese guy

  8. I thought PDO was generally not valid outside of the EU. Was I mistaken?

  9. Kinda wish the letter said “Cheese and Desist”.

  10. I can comfirm this stupid law in the EU exists. In the last decade or so, many of our traditional foods were renamed to something funny, but they are still the same and everyone still knows what they are buying.

  11. “The more I think about it, Old Billy was right
    Let’s k*** all the lawyers, k*** ’em tonight.”

    -The Eagle “Get Over It”

    and just o be safe, I’m not endorsing lawyer violence!

  12. They are just bitter cause Grana Padano sucks ass compared to Parmigiano Reggiano, lol

  13. Am i the only one that thinks doing that id a douche move? Any food made like “X food style” is a original food that vaguely ressembles an already existing food, not counterfeit

  14. I’d just rename the video to “How to make cheese that is very similar in taste and consistency to Grana Padano cheese” and ignore their letter.

  15. I have a sudden urge to start making bootleg cheese ….

  16. I’d say we should do one better: archive the video and continually upload it to YouTube to continually annoy the piss out of this stupid cheese consortium that has apparently gotten too big for their britches. There was nothing inherently illegal in what this YouTuber did, and I absolutely despise organizations who abuse flimsy laws and controls on YouTube to go after others because their feelings were hurt.

  17. Made a new folder in my archives called forbidden cheese videos

    Edit: Update! The consortium has sent an apology letter to Gavin webber. He is still taking down the video but will give us a surprise on Monday after his stream.

    [Consortium apology letter video](https://youtu.be/7Xy_KkZDiTE)

  18. should voice over and reupload, calling it “Grandma’s Patanto” 😛

  19. The video in question:


    It shows how to make a cheese in the style of Grana Padano, a name protected by origin. Italian lawyers are giving him five days to remove it.

    The letter (pdf):