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cbird is a new open-source CLI for de-duplicating, querying and managing your hoard.

Hello hoarders, it’s time to give something back!

May I present cbird, a new command-line program for managing a media collection. I’ve been working on this for a *long* time, using it continuously, adding things I wanted here an there. And I still find myself adding things often and fixing bugs. In the past few months I have cleaned a lot of things up, ported to Windows, wrote some docs and did a lot of testing. So I give you version 0.5, it may have some minor bugs but it is at least beta quality.

As for de-duplication (the main use case), the types of near duplicates it can find are rescaled, rotated and cropped images. It can also find rescaled and letterboxed videos. If you want exact duplicates, md5 sums are there.

Since near-duplicates cannot be automatically discarded (since similarity is a subjective matter), there is an efficient gui to help, with some tools to compare image quality, pixel differences, etc.

For the full list of features check the [readme on github](https://github.com/scrubbbbs/cbird#readme) or [browse the CLI syntax](https://gist.github.com/scrubbbbs/4c65058c054822d4f279c00f53ddd3aa).

[Download Links (Linux AppImage and Windows Zip)](https://github.com/scrubbbbs/cbird/releases)

[Demo Video 1](https://youtu.be/EPvev2hEOc0)

[Demo Video 2](https://youtu.be/9rrLctjms1Y)

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4 Yorumları

  1. Just wanted to say, after using `cbird` a bit – your software is fucking phenomenal. It has everything in a duplicate media finder that I’ve been wanting for years. Thanks so much for writing this 🙂

    The indexing system is just the cherry on top.

    A couple small wishlist items:

    * Is it possible to release standalone binaries, rather than an AppImage? AppImages are alright, except for those of us running on systems (such as WSL 1.0) without fuse support.

    * Support for recognizing when two files are hardlinked, and skipping the pair (or perhaps automatically marking them as a ‘good match’).

  2. My ideal dedupe utility would store the hash values of deleted near-duplicates so after I dump more files into the hoard, when I rerun the utility, it would delete copies of the same near-duplicates I deleted earlier so I don’t have to choose which ones to delete all over again. And the near-duplicates I chose to keep last time would automatically be kept again. This would be a real time-saver!

  3. Did I miss something, or does it not index folders recursively?
    I have images in 100’s of folders that I would like to check.