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Can’t figure out accurately which disk it’s referring to?

Can’t figure out accurately which disk it’s referring to?

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  1. Can you get a second terminal with CRTL-Alt-F2 and type: dmesg

  2. Is your question which of sda3 or sdb3 is throwing errors? If so you should be able to determine which drive has errors by checking drive status via smartctl. smartctl –health /dev/sda3 for example. You could also look through your system logs for messages related to drives.. dmesg | grep sda3 (for example).

  3. Please use -rescue in Advanced options for Clonezilla to recover as much as possible. It will continue on errors. Re question smartctl should return some info ..

  4. Try using ddrescue. It’s made for recovering data from bad drives.

  5. I had a similar problem. My hdd had a bad sector near the end (~90%) of the c partition (I later found out ~no data was written on it, so I lost ~nothing). Yours seems to have a bad sector very “early” (~30%), so you may have lost some info. I think it’s possible to find out what file it affects using this. ([Here](https://itectec.com/superuser/how-to-find-if-there-are-files-at-a-specific-bad-sector/). Essentially you ~have to download a small program that you have to locate its folder path with cmd and run it from cmd.)

    My case differs cuz I had ~no actual corrupt data (just a semi corrupt sector in the empty space), so I just used clonezilla, entered in expert mode and I used ~all the defaults, apart from one flag; I turned on the rescue flag (there should be an asterisk in the brackets when you enable it). This copied the disk and just bypassed the bad sector. BUT, in your case, there are probably data in that sector. So you probably have to use either chkdsk and do a full scan/repair (follow [that guide](https://www.windowsdigitals.com/how-to-run-chkdsk-windows-10-cmd-before-boot/)) or if it fails, use hdsentinel pro. Hdsentinel may not be able to recover data btw as well.

    Hd sentinel *may* be able to fix your sectors without deleting data (it’s a paid software and I ~dislike paid software, ~~but you ~could find it in “alternative” routes~~?‍☠️).

    I think it’s a special new surface test method, called “disk repair”. I think you can find it by chosing surface test and selecting “disk repair” in the method menu. I think it first scans the drive and then tries to fix it and if it can’t, it allocates another sector from your drive to work in place of the corrupt one.

    To say the truth though, I had chosen to wipe the disk (reinitalize disk surface), but that’s probably something you don’t want. I had already cloned my data BEFOREHAND.

    (More abouts its tests here, please check them: https://www.hdsentinel.com/help/en/61_surfacetest.html)

    (Attention!: ~Don’t choose surface reinitialization as it will probably wipe the drive! Be careful of the description of each method! Check if they mention that they delete data!)

    After you finish all the tests you have some options:

    1. If there are no bad sectors any more reported by hd sentinel, you’re probably clear to run clonezilla normally.

    2. If there are still bad sectors, there is probably almost nothing else to do to fix the bad sector. You should probably know beforehand (as I explained how above) know what file had the issue. That file may be be irrepairably corrupt. (If it’s a windows/system file it may be better to reinstall windows or something?.) So you havs to use the rescue flag: boot into clonezilla, select the expert menu and turn on the rescue flag (leave all else ~at default). It will (probably) skip the bad sector(s) and clone the disk. More [here](https://sourceforge.net/p/clonezilla/discussion/Clonezilla_live/thread/1d77630a/).


    1)Once you clone the drive and the new one works correctly (run a read surface test from hd sentinel on the new one after a few days), you may want to reinitilize the surface of the old disk which will fill it with ~only zeros (~complete wipe). In my case, it restored its health from 99% to 100%.?

    2)~Don’t enable sector by sector cloning in clonezilla in expert mode (-q1 flag). It will probably fail.

    3)If you ever connect a disk with a bootable windows partiton to pc, you may want to avoid accessing any user data wich require admin rights (anything in c/users/username). I did it on mine a few times and 2 times I corrupt my windows installation, because for some reason it mounts the partiton and it ~doesn’t let go (thus I remove it without safely removing the drive and it ~gets corrupt).?

    4) On clonezilla you can see what sector it failed. Try to search this sector on your drive (explained how above).

    I ~hope I’ll manage to save you some time, because I stumbled on almost every possible issue ~the previous month and wasted about 1.5weeks..??

  6. I *may* be able to help you as I had a similar issue very recently. I’m kinda busy now though, so I’ll try to reply within ~1-2hours.

  7. No, no all kind of help is appreciated and this is happening 2nd time. First time it also got stuck at this same point. Connections are really good from where i can see as there isn’t a lot of wear and tear on end of wires or hardware

  8. My source drive have 98% have health while destination one has 100% and i have checked using random seek test. What else can i do?