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Can anyone challenge this Verizon representative?

Can anyone challenge this Verizon representative?

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  1. I used 22gb one month and they slowed my data to a crawl. I called and they told me that I had went over the 22 gb limit and I would be slowed during busy times. That same night I switched back to T-mobile, fuck Verizon.

  2. Rogers internet has a great unlimited internet plan if you’re in Canada – our family uses something like a terabyte a month or so.

  3. No. Verizon can say whatever the fuck they want. Who will stop them?

    Ajit Pai?

  4. So good to live in germany:D 19,99 bucks a month for unlimited 100k Mbits Internet , Full HD Tv and 3 Phone numbers:D

  5. sprint terminated my contract and charged me all remaining lease and contract fees because i used too much unlimited data. I mean 500gb a month over LTE is up there but seriously. If it wasn’t for the fair use clause i’d have taken them to court over terminating because i used too much unlimited.

  6. Learn how to spell. And, no, false advertising is not a criminal offence you spanner.

  7. I have never had an issue with Verizon Wireless. I use their 2-year contracts to get deep discounts on phones and use the minimum plan to get it cheap (> $70 a month) for excellent service. Of course, I’m not using the “unlimited” data plan to get that kind of price.

    If this is Verizon’s ISP, then I would say that is rediculous.

  8. Technically if they define it in the terms of service they can use the term and still have a limit. It’s called fair use of services I think. Anyways companies have been getting away with it less and less because it is also misleading when they do that.

    This started back in the dialup days when they set monthly hour limits on unlimited dialup plans. Those caps usually set as low as 50 hours. Highest I saw was 250 hours. 2 providers didn’t have a defined limit and one of those was EarthLink. I regularly used 400+ hours without a warning. When I cancelled they confirmed that they were indeed true unlimited.

    Tl;dr – they can get away with misleading unlimited advertising if the fair use limit is defined in your agreement.

    False advertising? No.
    Unfair and misleading? Absolutely

  9. Is that a hard cap? You’re not really giving enough information

  10. 200GB?

    I use more than that in a month just browsing reddit!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: ISP’s in America are a joke.

  11. That spelling, wew.

    But yeah, capitalism man.