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Buyer Beware – Companies bait and switching NVME drives with slower parts (A Guide)

Many companies are engaging in the disgusting practice of bait and switching. This is a post to document part numbers, model numbers or other identifying characteristics to help us distinguish older faster drives from their newer slower drives that have the same name.


**Samsung 970 EVO Plus**

Older version – part number: MZVLB1T0HBLR.

Newer version – part number: MZVL21T0HBLU.

You won’t be able to find the part number on the box, you have to look at the actual drive.

Older version is significantly better for sustained write speeds, newer version may be fine for those who don’t need to write more than 100+ GB at a time.



**Western Digital Black SN750**

Older model number: WDS100T3X0C

Newer model number: WDBRPG0010BNC-WRSN.

The first part of the name will change based on the size of drive but if it contains “3X0C” that indicates if you have the older model or not.

**This one is still a mystery as there are reports of the older model number WDS100T3X0C-00SJG0 producing slower speeds as well.**



**Western Digital Blue SN550**

NAND flash part number on old version: 60523 1T00

NAND flash part number on new version: 002031 1T00



**Crucial P2**

Switched from TLC to QLC

“The only differentiator is that the new QLC variant has UK/CA printed on the packaging near the model number, and the new firmware revision. There are also two fewer NAND flash packages on our new sample, but that is well hidden under the drive’s label.”



**Adata XPG SX8200 Pro**

Oldest fastest model – Controller: SM2262ENG

Version 2 slower – Controller: SM2262G, Flash: Micron 96L

Version 3 slowest – Controller: SM2262G, Flash: Samsung 64L


Apparently there’s a few more versions as well



This is not an exhaustive list, hopefully others will chime in and this can be updated with other makes and models. I do want to keep this strictly to NVME drives.

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  1. Saw this posted on another sub, somewhat related, more bait and switch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuu8iiTVsDU . Patriot is silently changing RAM specs and Corsair stopped listing primary timings on their website

  2. Samsung one is like sidegrade than downgrade tbh

  3. I just got a samsung 970 evo plus 500gb part number “MZVLB500HBJQ” for my kid’s PC, do you happen to know if those models suffered a “downgrade”? I tried googling to find out but I didn’t find anything

  4. > WD Blue SN550

    Some of my home server VMs run on one and have absolutely horrible UI performance and I haven’t been able to figure out why, but if the flash got swapped for way shittier than I bought that’s working in my laptop that’d do it

  5. I just bought the WD SN550 to avoid the Crucial P2. I didn’t find anything about the SN550 also getting stuff swapped out. Crap.

    Edit: Surprisingly, I got a drive dated June 19th and it might even have the new bad number on it. But after writing to the entire drive to test it, it came back with 839MB/s write speed within like ~18minutes (1TB). Bought off Newegg so I guess I just hit the lottery with old inventory.

    As for why I did not just return it before testing, I’m coming off SATA SSD which has never been a bottleneck so I just decided I would be fine with the slower speeds. The slower speeds being on par with SATA SSD.

  6. Gr… Bought a 2TB Crucial P2 recently, wonder if there’s a way to determine if I have a QLC version without removing the drive. (it’s on the flipping back of the motherboard)

  7. Feeling glad in my choice of SK Hynix P1 1TB drives earlier this year… for now ?

  8. Is there any safe place to buy NVME drives where I don’t need to worry about this bullshit?

  9. Thanks for posting, this is the type of info consumers of drives need to be aware of.

    Component substitution happens in almost all other electronic equipment also, (this includes HDD’s, but slower cache on a SATA HDD is less noticeable than with a M.2 SSD).

  10. On the hindsight, does anyone think the reported decline in global suppliers of chip manufacturing has anything to do with it?

  11. Never buying from Samsung or WD again. This is no better than the shady shit Amazon does.

  12. My SN750 is a WDS100T3XHC-00SJ0 according to Dashboard (I think it’s the same as your listed 3X0C model but with the heat sink). Firmware 102000WD. 3700X with a Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite. Purchased on Aug 4, 2020.

    CDM 8.0.1 set to NVMe SSD gives me this:

    SEQ 1MiB (Q= 8, T= 1): 3492.078 MB/s [ 3330.3 IOPS] < 2399.53 us>
    SEQ 128KiB (Q= 32, T= 1): 3463.356 MB/s [ 26423.3 IOPS] < 1210.38 us>
    RND 4KiB (Q= 32, T=16): 2117.793 MB/s [ 517039.3 IOPS] < 989.38 us>
    RND 4KiB (Q= 1, T= 1): 51.583 MB/s [ 12593.5 IOPS] < 79.28 us>

    SEQ 1MiB (Q= 8, T= 1): 2971.054 MB/s [ 2833.4 IOPS] < 2818.40 us>
    SEQ 128KiB (Q= 32, T= 1): 2965.346 MB/s [ 22623.8 IOPS] < 1413.24 us>
    RND 4KiB (Q= 32, T=16): 2121.022 MB/s [ 517827.6 IOPS] < 987.67 us>
    RND 4KiB (Q= 1, T= 1): 206.465 MB/s [ 50406.5 IOPS] < 19.71 us>

    So I think this one’s safe but any other tests helpful?

  13. To be honest the Samsung switch shouldn’t make any performance difference. According to the sources the performance of the new dive is in some cases even better.

    Source: read it on another reddit link earlier

  14. Did anybody understand why the 970 got slower? It uses the same flash ( same model id) and the controller is supposed to be newer ( from the 980 with some crimped features ) so what gives?

  15. As somebody who doesn’t have any NVME drives (yet) this is concerning to say the least. I am planning an upgrade soon this year and this is absolutely class action suit material for these manufacturers.

  16. Just to make sure are we talking only with NVME SSD’S and not SATA SSD’s? I have a SATA 860 EVO 1TB.

  17. Did they swap parts on other capacities of the Samsung 970 EVO Plus, or just on the 1TB model?

    (Somebody was asking about this on /r/Linuxquestions yesterday, but I’ve only seen part numbers for the 1TB version floating around.)

  18. As I understand, WD has completely switched to making counterfeited products only, and buying anything of it means throwing money away.

  19. little confused by the SN750 thread, nothing about actually changing chips between models, just a newer part number where some people have poor performance and some others didn’t?

  20. Wait a second, I thought Linus covered this already. Didn’t Samsung upgrade the controller to the one used in its Pro variant? Is that actually a slower chip?

    Arstechnica didn’t actually do its own tests with the new variant, instead citing a small Chinese-language youtuber without giving any weight to their reputation.

    This doesn’t add up. It needs more investigation.

  21. The Samsung 970 Evo Plus part swap isn’t that bad though, the Samsung Elpis controller is probably a superior controller and the SLC cache increase makes the drive faster in more real-world workloads (at the expense of decreased speed after the cache is full). I would call it more of a sidegrade than a downgrade.

  22. This is why I buy noname brands, they are guaranteed to have the cheapest chips.

  23. Are the Samsung 980 and WD SN850 Black safe for now?

  24. Just blacklist the brands that do this.

    Oh okay it’s ALL the brands….

  25. For someone who has never purchased an NVME drive but plans to use one soon as a cache drive in a Unraid server, what drives should I be looking at to avoid this.

    I can’t check boxes as there aren’t any retailers selling NVMEs at real world prices.

  26. The 970 you can tell from the box if that’s helpful and you can see it in a local store. Orientation is different. Pic in article for the skimmers.

  27. Ordered a 500GB 970 Evo Plus last week. Will report back when I have it in hand.

  28. Was planning on getting a 970 evo. might just hold off on that for now