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Bulk Downloader for Reddit, tool for archiving reddit, has a major release!

I created Bulk Downloader for Reddit ~3 years ago and it has served bunch of people for bunch of purposes since then. However, over the time, it became unmanageable and I wasn’t able to fix the issues.

So, Serene-Arc and I reimplemented the project in way that is more maintainable and we have just released BDFR v2.1!

Project’s home page: [https://github.com/aliparlakci/bulk-downloader-for-reddit](https://github.com/aliparlakci/bulk-downloader-for-reddit)

**To install,**

1. Download Python [here](https://www.python.org/downloads/) and install it. Be sure that the version is at least 3.9.0
2. Open the Command Prompt (Terminal in non-Windows systems) and run `pip install bdfr`. (If you encounter an error, right click on Command Prompt, select Run as Administrator and repeat the step.)
3. You can start using it with the `python -m bdfr` command!

BDFR is no longer distributed as standalone executables (.exe files) It is now published as a Python package. Having no .exe files might not sound good at first but the installation process is still simple and you can easily update the program to have the latest features and bug fixes. To update BDFR, run `pip install bdfr –upgrade`

I strongly suggest you to read the documentation on the project page and checking out the command examples we provide, before using the program. If you are coming from an old version of BDFR, you should still read the docs as there are so many breaking changes after v1.

As always, we request your feedback. You can post bugs or request features on [Issues page](https://github.com/aliparlakci/bulk-downloader-for-reddit/issues). In addition, BDFR also has a [Discussions page](https://github.com/aliparlakci/bulk-downloader-for-reddit/discussions) where you can ask questions or request help. Issues that are not related to a particular bug or a new feature should be on Discussions page.

Also, BDFR is an open source project and we really appreciate contribution from community. We have a [documentation here](https://github.com/aliparlakci/bulk-downloader-for-reddit/blob/v2.1.0/docs/CONTRIBUTING.md) for you to reference before making contributions. There are also guides on running the project from source code instead of published package. Looking forward to your pull requests!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts 🙂

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32 Yorumları

  1. Really sad you stopped doing a standalone executable. I don’t use python so down want to deal with that. Why’d you stop doing a standalone?

    I’ll stick with the old version for as long as I can I guess.

  2. Great job (including Serene-Arc). I’ve been using the program for 2 years now. It’s also a good study tool because I’ve seen v1, v2, and their code design differences/improvements.

  3. Great work! Been using this since your very first iteration and this latest realise is awesome.

    One quick note, I had no idea how to upgrade and wouldn’t have figured it out if not for this post. You might want to add the instructions on updating on GitHub.

  4. I’ve been using your tool for a while and I really like the new update.

    However, one issue I ran to when archiving top content of all time: If the media has been deleted or cannot be found due to some update in the host server even though the URL still points to some file, the program crashes and quits. It would be good to add an exception and then tell the users what files failed to download. I saw this on GFYcat and Redgifs. I resorted to modifying those file hosts parsing code to pipe it to youtube-dl.

  5. *”It is now published as a Python package. Having no .exe files might not*
    *sound good at first but the installation process is still simple”*

    …. So, uh, what’s the benefit to not using an exe file then? o_o Yeah sure it’s still simple but its very clearly **less** simple

  6. Looks like I can archive all posts and all comments of a whole subreddit with this tool? That would be amazing, I always wanted to do that. Have to try it tomorrow.

    Edit: Apparently only 1000 posts are possible 🙁

  7. Good job my man. It’s so cool seeing other people’s programing projects

  8. Anybody else getting this error?
    Using a virtual environment in ubuntu

    (bdfr)> python -m bdfr
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib/python3.8/runpy.py”, line 194, in _run_module_as_main
    return _run_code(code, main_globals, None,
    File “/usr/lib/python3.8/runpy.py”, line 87, in _run_code
    exec(code, run_globals)
    File “/opt/virtualenvs/bdfr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/bdfr/__main__.py”, line 8, in <module>
    from bdfr.archiver import Archiver
    File “/opt/virtualenvs/bdfr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/bdfr/archiver.py”, line 15, in <module>
    from bdfr.archive_entry.submission_archive_entry import SubmissionArchiveEntry
    File “/opt/virtualenvs/bdfr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/bdfr/archive_entry/submission_archive_entry.py”, line 13, in <module>
    class SubmissionArchiveEntry(BaseArchiveEntry):
    File “/opt/virtualenvs/bdfr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/bdfr/archive_entry/submission_archive_entry.py”, line 41, in SubmissionArchiveEntry
    def _get_comments(self) -> list[dict]:
    TypeError: ‘type’ object is not subscriptable

  9. Excellent! Will try it when I get home. But I’m curious. Will it donwload images, videos, and comments for saved posts?

  10. QUESTION: Does a ‘subreddit’ page include a members page?

    GOAL: There are several story subreddits where some authors post 50+ chapters of several stories over a year. My goal is to try and get all the posts by 1 person together, then dive in and try and arrange the posts by story & chapter.

  11. Is there a way to convert a 1.9.4 config to a 2.1 config?

  12. Amazing work. I’ve never heard of this software until this post, so thank you so much for sharing.

  13. I’ve been using your old standalone .exe file for a while, and just recently was looking at the new Python version, but one thing that I couldn’t seem to find with the new version was how to designate a log file that kept track of post ID’s so that I didn’t download duplicates.

    I know there’s a no-dupes switch but it looks like that only works if the files already exist in the download directory, and it still downloads the file again so that it can compare file hashes.

    Am I just blind and its still the same?

  14. How exactly do you use the directory command?

    Every time I use it like this

    python -m bdfr archive –subreddit toonami –sort new –all-comments directory C:UsersUSERNAMEDownloadstoonamisub

    I got the error “Got unexpected extra Got unexpected extra argument (C:UsersUSERNAMEDownloadstoonamisub)”

    I’m probably doing something wrong, but what is it?

  15. Thanks for all your hard work!
    I recently updated my companion script to support docker for an easy archival and viewing experience; [https://github.com/BlipRanger/bdfr-html](https://github.com/BlipRanger/bdfr-html)

  16. Wait, can I download an entire sub and all its history including media?

  17. Having exe files instead of a py module sounds like the worst idea ever lol

  18. Just as a comment to your installation step:

    You can tell pip to install for just one user by passing —user, therefore not needing root access.

    It is also possible to install using a virtual environment when using python and pip.

    Both are ways to prevent root installs, and therefore less chances to mess up your system.

  19. I love this project and have been using it regularly since the release, over 3 years ago. However, there’s one thing that I think could be greatly improved upon. A way we can view the subreddits after archiving.

    Some kind tool that would allow you to import the downloaded subreddit and view the contents, maybe even in a web browser, would make this project so much easier to view and locate specific pieces of data.

  20. Heya! I’ve been using your tool for about 6 months, it’s been great. I use it to pull my saved posts via crontab weekly. Works perfectly every time, never had an issue.

  21. This looks great! Looks like most of the common link sources are supported too.

  22. Often enough it is better to redo the entire project instead of trying to fix it. I cannot count how often I tried to fix an issue for days and then ended up redoing it with some recycled bits and just after a few hours I got something that was better in almost any way.

  23. can you post this to the 20 or so people who ask each day how to download reddit?