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Boyfriend’s friend

Back in the beginning of 2020 I (26F) started talking to and then shortly after, started dating my boyfriend (29M). One of the first times we went out together was at a hardcore show in PA. We went with his friend A (25M) and his fiancé N (24F).

N and I are both around the same height, build, and both have long dark hair.

While we were walking thru the venue, A grabbed my ass and said “oops sorry.” They
way he said it seemed kinda off, like he was saying it to save his ass. Idk how to explain the tone. But I just thought “oh he probably mistook me for his fiancé.” But then I thought about it more and her and I were dressed opposite and the tone of how he said it, just did not sound genuine. I never confronted A about it, didn’t saying anything to N, and for a while didn’t even say anything to my boyfriend about.

Fast forward about 4 months later. Boyfriend and I were outside on the patio chilling and I mention that at that show someone (didn’t say A’s name, just said “some random person”) grabbed my butt and I didn’t tell him when it happened because we had just started dating and I didn’t know how he would react. He got upset that I waited so long to tell him and that I didn’t look to see who did it.

It’s now about 1.5 years later and we often hang out with A and N because they’re our friends. But I still feel really weird about his friend grabbing my ass and my boyfriend not knowing. At this point I don’t know how to bring it up. There’s nothing that can be done since i decided to keep it to myself. On the other hand, if I were in my boyfriend’s shoes I think I would want to know.

I’m not sure what to do: tell my boyfriend, knowing that all that can be done is have my boyfriend get mad at me because I waited 1.5 years to say “hey remember that time I told you a dude grabbed my ass at a show and I said I didn’t know who did it? I lied. It was your friend and I have been to scared to tell you.” Or just keep it to myself to save us the stress and arguing.

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  1. If there have been no other incidents of A being inappropriate with you, then I would chalk it up to be an honest mistake and forget about it.