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Boyfriend (28M) asked me (28F) to behave since I’m easily replaceable

We have been together for 3 years. He has been lovely, and we have a lot fun together, but we had been fighting a lot recently because of a personal issue in my family. We had been giving each other the silent treatment, but we sat down yesterday and talked things out.

Then he said something that didn’t sit right with me. He told me that I should behave before he replaces me. At first, I laughed. I thought he was joking since we joke around so much. But he wasn’t joking, he looked serious. I asked him if he was serious, and he said that he was. I asked him to explain. He said that since he made so much money, women fell at his feet and it wouldn’t be hard for him to replace me with some other woman since he had so many options.

I wouldn’t say that he’s exaggerating, because he is good looking and makes a lot, and women have flirted with him right in front of me, but what the hell??? How can he expect me to be okay with whatever bullshit he’s saying? This ended in another fight and I left the house. Before leaving, I did mention that he should get himself a new girlfriend since that would be so easy for him.

I think the reason he has said these things to me is because of some weird youtube channels that he has been watching for quiet a while now. I searched them up and they allign with everything he said, so now I know from where he’s getting all these stupid ideas from. A friend of his had recommended these channels to him because my boyfriend is a “high value man” (whatever that means) and he should be “alert”.

We haven’t talked since. He hasn’t contacted me, and I haven’t either because I’m angry. What he said to me hurt my feelings very deeply. Is this something that is breakup-worthy? Should I just ask him to stop watching whatever he’s watching that’s making him think this way? Should I let it go? Will it be stupid to breakup with him over this?

TLDR – boyfriend said that I was easily replaceable and he had a lot of options when it came to women, i got angry and left the house, he’s been watching something harmful stuff online which is influencing his ideas, should I break up with him over something like this or should I just let it go?

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26 Yorumları

  1. Never make someone a priority that only sees you as an option.

    >Is this something that is breakup-worthy?


    >Should I just ask him to stop watching whatever he’s watching that’s making him think this way?

    You can try, but it likely won’t change how he thinks or how little he thinks of you

  2. Either you agree and become a trained circus animal and perform tricks at his command until he replaces you with a mother woman because he’s made it clear you are replaceable which means he will replace you, not only if you don’t behave as wishes but for literally any other reason including because it’s a Tuesday.

    You have no value to him. That’s why you’re replaceable. Take from that what you will but I strongly suggest you like yourself enough to walk away.

  3. 100% break up. My ex used to pull that, among a lot of other manipulative shit. What he is saying is that I do not value you, and if you do not behave as I see fit and follow my rules I will leave you. Behave, or else. Over time it also messes with your self esteem, since being told over and over that you are easily replacable eventually would make the most secure doubt their value.

    Beat him to it, replace him with an upgrade, which is being single and without a weirdo dragging you down.

  4. Unless this guy is GQ quality, I don’t think he understands the penis/vagina power dynamics of the dating / dating app world that we live in.

  5. You said the perfect thing. If you’re so replaceable, let him replace you.

    It’s gross after 3 years he doesn’t have a bond to who you are as a person. It sounds like he’s on some kind of ego spiral and he needs to be taken down a few notches.

    I’d honestly ghost him and let him come crawling back to you. He knows what the problem is, it’s HIS mess to fix (if he gets his head out of his ass and wants to). In the meantime, take care of yourself because he’s even more replaceable with this kind of bullshit attitude.

  6. BREAK-UP!!!!

    Bet you a ton of money that you can find a much nicer BF before he can find a barely-tolerable GF.

    He is over-estimating his “value” especially since he seems comfortable threatening you with being replaced because you don’t “behave”?

    My SO easily makes 10x the money I make and it’s not an issue. We have arguments, sure. But he has never, ever used that as a weapon to try to make me act in a certain way.

  7. I would say so are you . We are done. Bye!

  8. Umm no , huge disrespect, he is drinking to much internet warrior social media.

    What you need to do is block and ghost the fool. Find a better replacement.

  9. Tell him you can replace him too then do it. Block him and never give him a second more of your time.

    Don’t you dare cater to that sort of demure, submissive attitude where you have to do whatever he says because you’re replaceable. Go find someone that feels you’re priceless and irreplaceable.

  10. Replace him first. It’s time to go. Your boyfriend is an asshole. He doesn’t expect you to be ok with what he said, and he doesn’t seem to care, like he said, he’ll just replace you. So let him. While you replace him with someone more successful and better looking who isn’t an asshole.

  11. Call him on it and walk out yourself. He’s absolute trash now, and you deserve better.

  12. I’ll replace him fast with hotter, richer, and taller

  13. Please don’t contact him.
    Leave. If he come back and apologize tell him it’s fine but you’ve decided to explore your options too.

    With this mindset your relationship will never work. Find yourself someone who will consider you as not easily replaceable!! Or even better irreplaceable

  14. Dude it toxic! And he’s only going to get worse now that’s he buying into these YouTube cults where he’ll probably start throwing around terms like “sigma male” soon enough.

    Cut and run. He’s gonna get worse.

  15. These YouTube channels he’s watching are emotional abuse instructional videos, I guarantee it. You’re not replaceable and he’s gonna have a real hard time finding someone else with his attitude.

  16. >Is this something that is breakup-worthy?

    Yes. Then block him everywhere and go no- contact.

  17. >Is this something that is breakup-worthy?

    Yes 100%

    > Should I just ask him to stop watching whatever he’s watching that’s making him think this way?

    No point, that BS obviously resonates with him and I suspect is why you’ve been fighting a lot recently. I’m guessing he’s a lot more my way or the highway (well that is what he said) and more controlling and critical of you

    > Should I let it go?

    Absolutely not. He basically told you you were an accessory not a human.

    >Will it be stupid to breakup with him over this?

    Not stupid imo, stupid if you don’t

  18. Dick is plentiful. And unlike your current boyfriend, not all are attached to raging douche canoes.

    I (43F) would nope the hell out of that. He’s not kidding and that’s gross.

  19. Ugh he sounds awful. This will eventually become emotionally abusive if you don’t do something about this. Personally, this is break up worthy. Completely.

  20. >Will it be stupid to breakup with him over this?


    No self respecting woman will stay after something like this.

  21. Sounds to me like you already broke up with him. You told him to go find a new girlfriend. Probably best for both of you that you did. He only values you as a commodity with limited value.

  22. Didn’t finish reading. People aren’t replaceable. Your boyfriend is trash.

  23. He sounds like trash and you’re better off without someone who thinks you’re easily replaceable

  24. You should break up with your abusive boyfriend