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Bought some hard drives from a guy on craigslist, turns out they have a bunch Apple/Intel/Pepsi commercial project files

**TLDR: Bought a bunch of drives from a guy on craigslist a few years ago, turns out they have terabytes of Adobe Premiere/Autodesk Flame project files for Apple, Pepsi, Intel, and some other commercials. I want to format and use the drives, but I also want to give the data on them a chance to live on. If it is allowed to.**

I don’t know the legal territory this is in, but **a few years ago**, I bought some hard drives from a guy on craigslist for stupid-cheap. He was in video production here in the US and was moving out to his home country with his family and had a bunch of stuff to get rid of. Had a bunch of furniture on the street too that he let me have as well. I got lots of drives from this guy. A NAS, a 6TB external, and a bunch of 2TB drives and Apple G-Drives and such.

I go home, plug a drive in, and discover that he didn’t format most of them, with names like “ProjectArchive_{number}”. A lot of them with only a dozen or so power-on hours since he had used the drives purely for cold-storage. It was full of Autodesk Flame 2011 archives(.seg archive files) and Adobe Premiere project files for a bunch of commercials he worked on including Apple, Pepsi, Intel, and some others. I combed through them all and made sure all the ones that had these project files were left untouched while the WD Blacks and Greens were the ones I used. I only needed like 6TB at the time for my first home server build and sat on all the rest. I felt weird posting about it on twitter or reddit at the time since it feels like it could get me or this other guy in trouble so I ultimately sat on these drives for a few years and happened upon them again just today since some recent storage needs made me think about them again and now I’m trying to figure out what to do with them since they are just taking up space at this point. I want to ultimately blank them out and use these drives, but I also love the novelty of owning a piece of history, and the video production company in question that he worked for looks like it went out of business so I’m probably the only one that has these things in the world right now.

Rather than delete it, I’m wondering if there is some way to lift these TB of data off my shoulders into more capable hands of archiving them. I’d have to do some more detailed accounting but I think it is about 10-12TB of total data across 5 drives. I only have a 9.65 Mbps(1.20625 MB/s) connection at home but can secure access to a *somewhat* higher-speed environment if a soul is willing to keep an sftp or rclone open for some TBs-of-data to drip-feed into or if anyone local(91367) is willing to take a *big transfer* or even just some guidance on how to get these things out of my hands *quicker than my current connection(****which would take like 100 days of constant uploading****)* and into the hands of someone more capable or even if I should ***just delete it*** since I am not sure what legal implications this lands in.

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24 Yorumları

  1. IMO, Putting a side the coolness of finding it and maybe having the only copy, it’s not in a good position to be in from a legal standpoint. You don’t own the data, it’s not yours to distribute, period. Kind of sad to see a moderator of this sub promoting piracy.

  2. This is awesome! First thing that has really caught my eye on this sub tbh. I didn’t know this sub was also for help/info on backing up files

  3. Best haul I got from some old harddrives was from an auction that was selling stuff of a company that had gone bust. 3x 4TB external HDDSs.

    Had a lot of confidential information, enough personal information to screw up a hundred or so peoples lives. A few outlook pst files with the larger being 130GB and next largest 90GB.

    Fairly certain I got someone from the auction place fired that day…

  4. Hey, I have a symmetric gigabit connection in USEast, if you want, I can look into loading up this data, I may be able to work out a storage situation. I have a static v6 to the house too, so I can make it accessible if need be, however I am far from the most powerful user here.

  5. Wow. This reminds me of someone on YouTube who found Acclaim game source code, which I think was for Turok 2.

  6. Very cool to possibly get a chance to peek behind the curtains.

  7. I think you are not in the position to preserve or publish those files as you are not intended to have them and only got them by error or negligence. The right thing to do would be to delete them. This would also keep you and the seller out of trouble.

  8. Lmao I wish someone would have the care to back up graphics, ads, and videos I’ve made for work if they found them on a hard drive.

    Generally commercials are meant to be seen, so you most likely shouldn’t have any issues releasing the files as long as there’s no confidential information, or video assets of files the companies wouldn’t want public.

  9. Just wanted to point out that G Drives are made by G Tech and have nothing to do with Apple other than copying their industrial design.

    Formerly Hitachi owned, now WD as they bought Hitachi’s drive business. Drives in G Techs are always enterprise HGST.

  10. I’d be worried about fucking your Craigslist friend over

  11. If you want to share it and, you don’t want to get cought, you could just make a torrent and seed through a vpn. It’s slow but, once other people 100% the download, the sharing goes from there.

  12. It’d be neat if [Archive.org](https://Archive.org) or similar had a “Release by year xxxx” service. That way you could upload it to them, knowing that it wouldn’t be lost forever, and still make sure it wasn’t released until a time in the future where repercussions would be unlikely.

  13. It would be really interesting to see what files are on there.

  14. I would see about shipping them out to another hoarder who could clone the data and send the drives back that you would trust. I’d offer but I don’t have the space for it all.

  15. Old school VFX artist and former teacher. I would love to talk about saving these for posterity. Hit me up so we can figure something out.

  16. > owning a piece of history

    It’s not like you have the 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll or Bigfoot on those drives.. 🙂

  17. Your craigslist benefactor would probably prefer that you delete them, or you could consult a lawyer for legal advice on copyright. It’s not clear this would have great research or satirical value.

  18. /u/-Archivist can either help or point you in the right direction