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Bought a WD Ultrastar 18TB from Amazon. Seller said it was NOT OEM. Warranty says it is. Does it matter?

It came in a plain cardboard box, so it certainly isn’t retail.

When i checked the warranty, it does have 5 years warranty, but described as


>PCM Drive ASM OEM-STD 18TB SATA 512e SE CMR P3 Power disable feature Not Support

“OEM-STD” is what i’m concerned with. Will that affect my warranty claim next time? This warranty is also registered in the US, not sure how it will affect me as i’m in Asia Pacific.

Edit: Had a bad experience when I had a drive that arrived with NO limited warranty. Same plain cardboard box. I’m very afraid now of these wrongly licensed drives from amazon.

Edit2: What does the PCM ASM in the description mean?

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3 Yorumları

  1. Most manufacturers don’t honor a warranty if it wasn’t purchased from an authorized retailer.

    Sounds like you purchased it from a 3rd party seller so your at WDs mercy if they will honor it.

  2. What model #? There seem to be two.

    I’ve just ordered some of these today… ‘0F38459’

    A customer review from Singapore says:

    Edit : Contacted WD and they could register it. Got the 5 years warranty. It looks like for now you have to contact them to get registered.

  3. This from an Amazon review of the same drive:

    > Ron
    1.0 out of 5 stars OEM drive, no manufacturer warranty
    Reviewed in the United States on 11 February 2021
    Verified Purchase
    Upon checking and chatting with Western Digital, the drive I received is an OEM. WD offers no support or warranty on these drives and they are supposed to be returned to the place of the purchase; however, the seller only advertises a 1-year warranty. So basically, there is no warranty on the 18TB drive that I bought and this is not acceptable so I am returning the drive.

    If the drive is OEM, you will be told there is no warranty from WD. They will also refer you back to the US support if you contact the Asia-Pacific support centre.

    It means f*ck all what a seller says, only what the manufacturer says.