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Beware of Cubbit, the ‘free’ cloud storage

Cubbit promises to be a free cloud solution with lower greenhous gas emissions and higher security than datacenter solutions like dropbox.

The basic idea is neat and I support all kinds ‘grassroots’ movements on data storage, but this project makes me mad because of its clearly misleading claims.


1. It is NOT free! You’ll have to pay for electricity, bandwidth (others constantly download from your cell!) AND hardware maintenance (otherwise your data will be deleted!). These running costs on average are much higher than costs of alternatives such as dropbox.

2. It is NOT greener!
The greenpaper they published is not peer-reviewed and omits key aspects of their system such as co2 footprint of their coordinator servers, the constant reshuffling of data that is required AND the greenpaper assumes data distribution as close as possible, whereas their disaster protection strategy states they distribute data as far apart as possible. On top of it this system requires more (user financed) hardware replacement than in datacenters, which has a much higher CO2 impact than the simple running costs. Bottom line, their green claim is a lie!

3. It is NOT secure!
While the zero-knowledge encryption claim may be true, any user agrees that cubbit MAY RUN ANY SERVICE THEY WANT ON YOUR CELL, USING YOUR BANDWIDTH AND YOUR PRIVATE IP ADDRESS!! This also opens up a direct tunnel into every local network that runs a cell, COMPLETELY VOIDING ANY BENEFIT THAT CLIENT SIDE END-TO-END ENCRYPTION PROMISES!

This is a bot net and trojan horse! You pay much more in terms of hardware cost and maintenance than what a dropbox subscription costs AND you provide the cubbit owners with plenty of free hardware resources and your private IP to do with whatever they want!

Do your research, don’t be fooled!

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24 Yorumları

  1. I don’t care about any of your unsubstantiated points, but I’ve been using the service for a few days and the turd I just unloaded half an hour ago works better as a cloud backup service than this revolting piece of crap. It can handle maybe 50 files, then its functional integrity goes the way of the dodo.

  2. I don’t think it is a scam, and I have one, is/was a Kickstarter project. While I don’t buy their carbon saving angle, the other features of having data redundantly stored that also allows for easy sharing is what appealed to me. It Basically it has a HD which half is used to store your data, and the other half is used as parity for other nodes.

    As for power, it basically can run off a USB port.

    Dropbox is $19/month for 3TB, I have 4TB for $350, so after 17 months or so, it becomes cheaper than dropbox.

    I’ve monitored the bandwidth that it uses, and nothing has alarmed me.

    They have 2000 units live now, and I’ve found the performance pretty good when sharing files. [https://web.cubbit.io/roadmap](https://web.cubbit.io/roadmap)

    It is an experiment for sure, but I don’t think it is nefarious or a scam.

  3. > lower greenhous gas emissions

    That would be the moment I’d classify the whole service as “garbage”. Who the *fuck* cares if your cloud storage is “green”? Sounds like hip virtue signaling ad and a lure for progressive cretins who want to brag about being green.

  4. As the saying goes; if you’re not paying for a service, you’re not the customer, you’re the product.

  5. Hm… the granddaddy of this services was symform. A very nice platform of p2p backup and storage.
    It was a shame when Quantum bought it, pumped out the tech and then dismantled the company.

    Blody shame!

  6. Just assume if you didn’t encrpypt it they have access to it all.

  7. I remember seeing this a while ago almost fell for it.

  8. I just checked their site out. I’m rolling on the floor laughing, as we older people say

  9. Thats like saying my servers are powered by **green energy**

  10. 2) Tesla vehicles aren’t really greener either because they don’t publish all of the facts for all the component manufacturing and such…it all adds up 🙂

  11. If it’s free it’s guaranteed to either be:
    a. Slow
    b. Limited
    C. Sus.

    The only time I’d allow it is when it’s from a big company, and usually then Google or Apple have you paying in some other way (you own their devices, etc)

  12. I do enjoy how they randomly throw companies on there as well, like they also use the service

  13. “Cubbit”? We’re they trying to say “Cubit” (sounds like “cube it”) like the antiquated unit of measure or did they really mean to have it sound like “Cub it”, like a curse to make sure that it wins the World Series once per century on average?

  14. It really depends on the company. No two companies are exactly the same, same with analyst positions.

  15. I don’t see how you get to your conclusion in point 3.

    Obviously I haven’t looked at their ‘end-to-end client side encryption’ is, but if it meets the definition of those words then even the data being accessed directly by a rogue actor would just look like garbage. The whole point of end-to-end encryption is that it’s only ever the real data in your environment with a private key that’s never shared.

  16. The website says buy now and has 1TB for 349 euro. I could literally build a fucking server with more space for cheaper anyways. No one in their right mind is going to use that service.

    Also.. greener?! It requires individuals to run a computer with such pitiful storage space, then use their own modems/network (which i guess can be considered a sunk cost). If you’re going to be spinning up a hard drive, then it should be a large one, it’s still going to require the same amount of electricity. And why just one drive per computer, if you’re going to have a computer running for it, connect as many large hard drives as possible. This is extremely inefficient for what it is trying to achieve.

    2 RPI4’s and 2 8TB hard drives, one at your house, one at a friends is probably cheaper, more energy efficient and does a better bloody job.

  17. It would be good to explain simply what it is, as browsing their website it’s quite vague and buzzwordy. Basically you backup your files into peer to peer network and other people hold it in their harddrives encrypted?