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Best way to share collections of educational materials?

Through my hoarding I’ve come across some very niche subjects that should be well preserved. For example, there was a famous bricklayer named Fred Dibnah. His videos are all over youtube and are very interesting, but that’s just it, they’re all scattered across youtube. We all know how they like to take stuff down randomly and I feel this information should be organized and made available perpetually.

The obvious answer would be [Archive.org](https://Archive.org), but I can never figure out how their copyright system works. I feel like uploading youtube videos there could get my account banned, or they would be taken down eventually by the copyright trolls. However I accept that archive really would be the best place as I could make a collection for Fred Dibnah which would contain everything.

That led me to the idea of creating a large torrent as I feel that would be a good way of sharing the content perpetually. I could organize it the way it should be, title it as “Fred Dibnah Bricklayer Complete Collection” and people could download individual pieces of it as they please. This would keep it from being shut down by copyright trolls as well.

Interested in hearing any alternative ideas for how to do something like this. I’ve been downloading for some time now and I’d like to start sharing some stuff in the most efficient way possible.

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  1. Do it yourself. Find an old PC, install Zeronet, then either build your own website by cloning an example, or add a new group to an existing imageboard (some merit to that since existing boards are more likely to be mirrored).

    Why? An example. Some years ago a major website went down for over a week. Complete hard drive failure. No one even knew. The site kept operating as before due to all the mirrors out there. Have never seen anything like it. This is true fault tolerance.

    Similarly, many sites created by deceased people now t on Zeronet. They’ll endure as long as someone is willing to seed them.

    You want to use TOR for your connection (just easier), but that part is now in crisis with the forced upgrade to Tor V3. The coder behind Zeronet is busy, so there’s no telling how long it will be until Zeronet gets updated.

    So in your case, you might be forced to run a clearnet instance of Zeronet. At least until the TOR upgrade takes place.

    Other reddit users are already using this dodge to escape censorship. I think the gamers run their own site filled with modified games. They can safely ignore any DMCA demands on that site.

    I2P or Onionshare are another option, but you will lose all that fault tolerance Zeronet offers.

  2. I uploading is always good. IA has a near 30Gb torrent etc. anything they don’t have?


    He was steeplejack first and foremost. Wonderful character.