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Best disks for backup. Mostly writing.

I have 25TB and low speed upload connection (5Mb/s). Which mean 1.5 years at max speed.

So online backup is out of the question.

Will try to backup once a month. I have an old pc i want to install xigma nas on. For these backups I won’t use a raid array to avoid the 1^14 restore problem.

**My Old pc:**

CPU: i7-3770k


Storage space: 2×2.5”, 1xmSATA, 10xSATA.MB: 2xSATA3, 4xSATA2, PCIE extension – 6xSATA2

No disks – That’s what the post about.


**I have an older pc that I use for backups:**

CPU: Phenom X4 955


6x2TB disks, RAID 5


**Disk Options in local stores (Some of these are not on wiki, listing the cheapest only):**

– The usual consumer models

– My favorite for non RAID storage, Toshiba x300 8TB (Errors: 1^14) – ~255 USD

– 10TB: Toshiba s300 HDWT31AUZSVA – ~383USD

– 12TB: WD RED WD120EFBX, Seagate Exos x16 ST12000NM001G – ~543USD

– 14TB: Seagate Exos x14 ST14000NM001G – ~530USD

16TB cost too much for me (~780USD)

I’m thinking about 5x14TB Exos x14 for RAID 5. Can’t afford more this year, maybe more in 2023.
Unless you think it’s a good idea to order from amazon with 30 days warranty.


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  1. https://shucks.top/

    The 14TB WD easystore is $200 at Bestbuy. WD makes excellent large capacity HDDs. Plug them into USB3 host cards with UAS support for maximum performance (or embedded host controller on late model intel machines)

    I’ve got some 8TB WD easystores around 2017 with 5+PiB of total writes each on them and they are still going strong. Write durability is effectively infinite on HDDs.

  2. What data? Is it compressable/dedupable? While its 25TB, you may not have to upload 25TB

    Also, if you can pre-seed the data and don’t have much change, cloud backup might not be out of the question

    Also, if you switch to a ZFS array, you can avoid the 1^14 problem even going RAIDZ1 which is similar to RAID5

  3. Buy whatever is cheapest. Especially for backup drives. But if you buy SMR drives make sure to TRIM the drives and let them idle for a solid 12 hours or more after you do a lot of writes to allow time for the disk to “cleanup” the deleted data tracks.

    RAID isn’t an issue really, and can’t hurt to have some resiliency. That being said, for something like backup disks, adding a SnapRAID disk is a good additional safeguard, not only for restoring corrupt data, but also for validating the data.