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Best Buy 14tb EasyStore $200 USD

Best Buy 14tb EasyStore $200 USD

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43 Yorumları

  1. These have gone up to $260 USD. Sad. I was going to have my friend in the states buy me 2.

  2. Based on my fear of missing out, a few days ago I ordered two of these online for pickup at my BestBuy. I went in today to pick them up and said “and I’d like to take advantage of the Storage Recycle and Save promotion”. The clerk acted like he knew about it, but said “I can’t apply that to this online order”. Another clerk agreed. I’m standing there staring at the 2 drives, and said, “how about you cancel this order and just ring them up fresh?”. He said, “OK”. As seems common it took a while to figure out the promo, but I got the 2 @ $169.99 each for trading in an old 340MB IBM Microdrive compact flash drive from back in 1999. That drive listed for $350 back then, just a little more than what I just got 28TB for today. Boggles the mind.

  3. I bought 2 at first, then thought to myself that this was a screaming deal that I couldn’t pass up so I bought a third drive the next day. Then the following day, I still couldn’t get over the price so I bought a fourth drive.

    On all of them, I traded in old 80GB drives I had around the house to get the additional 15% off each drive. I traded in an old drive, once per day, to get the 15% off. It was worth it. The manager said I could only do one per day so I went back four days in a row to get this taken care of. As I said, this was well worth it.

    This brought the cost of each drive down to $183.37 including tax. ($169.99 before tax).

    Screaming deal! I should be good until next years screaming deals!

    Thanks to those that posted this deal – really appreciate it!

  4. Can anyone confirm that this drive is shuckable? Would like to be sure before purchase.

    EDIT: A few posts seem to mention a possible “mod” necessary to get these drives to work if shucked. Can anyone explain what the modification process is? New to data hoarding, not sure what the comments are referring to. Want to shuck the drive for placement in a QNAP TL-D400S.

  5. I picked up nine of these today (from three different Best Buys) to replace my ailing backup NAS, which was mostly full of 6TB WD Reds that had started racking up failures. They were all white label 7200 rpm drives (model WD140EDGZ-11B1PA0). Weirdly, just two of the nine required that little bit of kapton tape on the third power pin before they showed up, but now they’re all working great in a ZFS pool. YMMV, etc. just thought I’d share my experience with this particular batch.

  6. BB ‘site said 1 remained on-shelf.

    Arrived to see that the slot on the shelf was empty.

    Associate asked if I needed anything, showed her the slot, and she scanned that a few were still available . . . said she’d go to the back, retrieve one, and that I should wait for her at Checkout.

    Waited there for about 1/2 hour, and (eventually) another more-savvy associate asked what I was doing loitering near Checkout, and I said another associate was “in the back” looking for [said item].

    He apologized that she was prob. detained by another custu, and followed me to the isle, scanned the tag, where he said “I’m showing zero in-stock . . . I sold one to a guy about 30min ago, so that was prob the last one. You can Order it online . . .”

    Left the store with a deficit of about 50min of my day lost to the exercise 🙂

    c’est la vie….

  7. Trade in a cheapo flash drive and get an additional 15% off on this order! It varies based on best buy stores though.



    My dad bought with his bestbuy credit card, used a cheap flash drive for each drive (6 drives) and told me he paid $170 per drive. Without credit card, I paid $180ea

  8. These drives are missing one set of screw holes on each side… That is a bit frustrating.

  9. Well…I got 3. My local Best Buy was great. They were aware of the recycle discount and even though I only had 2 drives with me they printed 3 discounts for the drives. Total savings of $250 per drive!

  10. I just picked up a pair at my local Best Buy. Cystalmarkinfo reports both drives as WDC WD140EDGZ 7200 RPM drives.

  11. Bought 3 of these, and shucked them.
    Had the WD140EDGZ drives inside. Quite happy with them at $14 a TB.

  12. Quantity limit is now 25 for business accounts (up from 5 yesterday).

    They must have truckloads of these disk available to sell. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the quantity limit that high.

  13. I guess I should text my wife and tell her I bought my own Xmas presents this year.

  14. omg thank you! just got 2 🙂 My plex server is gettin’ an upgrade!

  15. How come this is as low as $175 with all the discounts and the other 7+ years old used drives on eBay still go for expensive side.

    For example 4-6tb go for about 100/each. Sara or Sas depending on your controller.

    I’ve been trying to buy some six terabyte drives and might as well plop another $70 on top and get 14 terabytes!

    I’m sure you could plop this out of the case and use it as an internal drive.. and for testing environment or lab work should work just fine regardless of speed..

  16. I picked up 3 of them on Monday. All were 7200rpm according to CrystalDiskInfo, but some guy said they do some sort of throttling to make them roughly equivalent to 5400.

    2 were WD140EDGZ-11B1PA0 Standard: “ACS-2 | ATA8-ACS version 4”
    1 was WD140EDGZ-11B2DA2 Standard: “ACS-4 | ACS-4 published, ANSI INCITS 529-2018”

    Aside from the command set descriptions, they seem identical.

  17. The big WD disks such as these are still CMR, right?

  18. I should just buy 4 of these and gut them for my Nas…

  19. What drives are in these if we wanted to shuck them?

  20. Noob question here: are these ok to shuck for a nas? Running Nextcloud and Plex

  21. Seems 14TB are the current sweet spot. Hoping for 12TB deals soon? Please.

  22. ♫ My wallet is telling me no. But my body, my body’s telling me yes ♫

    **Edit:** But seriously does anyone know when this will end?

  23. Bought a couple myself. Best price we’ve seen in a while.

  24. Do you guys buy them and disassemble them to use the HD?

  25. Thanks all you beautiful bastards!

    Got mine delivered today. It’s replacing an 8TB Easystore used for cold backups. The 8TB will eventually be shucked and added to my UnRAID box.

  26. Always struggling not to buy more drives, but where to put them…it’s a great price, but I’d either be replacing 8TB drives or 10TB drives. Best case scenario my actual gained storage space would only cost me about $53/TB. Gotta wait until I build a new array, or finally get a 4U 24-bay case!

  27. Just scooped up 6 of these. Had two use two accounts but for the price can’t be beat right now.

  28. If you bring in any storage device for recycling you can knock that price down by 15% to $169.99. I brought in a 15 year old 750GB hard drive that had been sitting in the garage for years. Then it’s only $12.14/TB. It took two customer service reps and a manager 15 minutes to figure out how to apply the discount but they finally got it applied. They kept looking at this page on my phone:


    Edit: The drive doesn’t have to work. Bring in an old dead drive.
    Earlier thread talking about trading in old stuff at BB for the discount

    [SSD] In-Store Best Buy Recycle Any Storage Device, Get 15% Off Select Western Digital and SanDisk $0 ($0) from buildapcsales

  29. Getting low and also wanted to have spares. Got the max 3. Thanks

  30. Nov 2020 was 189.00$ So given all the things this is a steal. Thanks for sharing!