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Backblaze and its obnoxious online restore process

I’m in the middle of a reeeeeally long winded process of restoring a 2 TB drive by painstakingly downloading lots of “smallish” ZIP files (less than 100 GB), because the ZIP files get corrupted otherwise (even with Backblaze’s own shitty, unstable and crash-prone downloader software). And it’s being a nightmare. I can’t imagine how nearly impossible should this be with even more terabytes worth of data!

I don’t want to order a restore drive because I’m from Europe and I’d be charged a lot of money in customs for a hard drive I don’t really need (and I’d also have to spend extra to get it back to the US so they refund me something). I just want the data!! Why send 2 TB by postal mail when we have fast 1 Gbps fiber connections? It’s 2021, FFS!!

The problem with the online restore process is having to manually create dozens of ZIP files while keeping track of which folders go into each ZIP file, then downloading and decompressing them one by one. It is an incredibly long, time-consuming and error-prone process that just shouldn’t exist!

Backblaze should have a one-click process that once started, would do everything automatically: Downloading the whole drive file by file and placing each file in the new drive in the correct folder with no user intervention. I don’t care if the download process is slow and takes days, but at least it shouldn’t require my full attention to see which content should go in every ZIP file, where each set of files go, manually creating each ZIP file, manually downloading each ZIP file, manually starting each unzip process, check if everything was unzipped with no errors and having to check again and again to see if I have actually downloaded everything correctly.

This restore process is taking me WEEKS to accomplish and it’s taking LOTS OF HOURS away from my life I could do something more productive with than this inane ZIP file nightmare. I’m tired of this obnoxiously painstaking manual process. As soon as I finish this nightmare restore process, I’ll cancel my Backblaze account and look somewhere else.

Please, any recommendations on backup services with an actual sane restore process?!

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5 Yorumları

  1. If you’re backing up 2tb, stop being cheap and use B2 with rclone.

  2. I just went through restoring a couple of terabytes of data from backblaze. It was a pain in the butt. Overall though I just take it as part of the package which I think is great. $70 a year for unlimited storage.

  3. Copy to a B2 bucket and use rclone. It’s your best bet.

    If you want to avoid this in the future, keep your B2 and use something like Duplicacy Web Edition or Arq Backup software for your backups.

  4. Backblaze Personal has the ability to upload selected or all files to a B2 bucket. From there you can just sync the files with rclone. Two simple steps and there can be no download errors since rclone checks with checksums.

  5. Is this B2 or Backblaze Personal?

    Did you try using the Backblaze Downloader: https://help.backblaze.com/hc/en-us/articles/217665918-How-to-Use-the-Backblaze-Downloader-Win-

    You can also request having a hard drive mailed to you with your data on it. They charge you up front but return it in 30 days and get a full refund: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/how-to-recover-your-files-with-backblaze/