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B2 or Wasabi for a cloud backup solution with Duplicacy ?

Hi everyone , I’m still searching for the best cloud storage solution for my needs. Right now , I’m still in my 30 days trial with Wasabi.

I’m backing up almost 2TB of data with Duplicacy. I’m also aware of the 90 days retention policy and my prune command take care of that. Also, I’m on the east coast of Canada so I can upload at around 13MB/s to the Wasabi datacenter(east-1).

Now , I know that there’s Backblaze Personnal but Also Backblaze B2.

Anyone tested the B2 and compare to Wasabi in term of price, speed and so on ?

I can try B2 for a month or so but I’m really curious to know which one you use.

Thanks 🙂

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7 Yorumları

  1. B2 is a bit cheaper for $/TB but Wasabi doesn’t charge for egress as mentioned. I’ve used B2 with no issues but haven’t compared it to Wasabi.

  2. Tonight I tested both with Duplicacy with 2 schedules and here’s the result :

    Wasabi : 25 MB/s

    Backblaze B2 : 7 MB/s

    Same files and directories too.

    I guess having a datacenter a lot closer from my place help for sure.

  3. It terms of price, Wasabi is a bit cheaper as it has no additional charges for egress or API requests means you don’t pay to access your data. https://wasabi.com/cloud-storage-pricing/

  4. If you’re searching for backup for production purposes, I would go with B2 or similar enterprise cloud offers. You should consider that enterprise-grade cloud providers take upload and download fees. These fees are depend on cloud tier, these articles will help to compare the pricing.



  5. I’m very happy with B2.
    Speed is good (saturates my 30/30Mbit) from US and EU datacenter (Im in EU).

    Egress above 1GB/day costs $0.01 per GB. So it can become expensive if you regularly do a full verification/download.

    Besides that, I have never paid for extra transactions or egress, while using Duplicati.

  6. Depending on how much data you wanna backup, maybe have a look at jottacloud. They will throttle your upload over 5TB tho. Up to 15TB it’s still fine in my opinion and getting unlimited (up to 25TB is still usable imo) backup space for 8 bucks is really cheap. Also Norwegian regulations for privacy which are upon the strongest in the world. You may have to check the speed you get, as it’s kinda far away from Canada. But should be fine with 6 connections at a time.

    For backblaze b2 they offer a calculator if I’m not mistaken. Maybe give it a go.