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AT&T fined 60 million USD for throttling unlimited data plans

AT&T fined 60 million USD for throttling unlimited data plans

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23 Yorumları

  1. Its about time AT&T got what they deserved. Never knew they were doing this though. Anytime a big company loses over $1M no matter the size the company gets pissed.

  2. So are they going to have to give back a portion of the money the US government gave them to build out their infrastructure when they just didn’t instead?

  3. i am very not on top of the changes in wireless plans. My wife had a grandfathered in unlimited at&t plan from around 2011, and I know she was absolutely throttled as she watches netflix on the go all the time. And At&t kept trying to move her away from her unlimited plan to some other plan, that, and they kept increasing the price for her existing plan. For those who are on top of at&t data plans, does it still make sense for her to stay with her unlimited grandfathered in plan or should she just switch to another plan? (does at&t have an unlimited plan now with no throttling?)

  4. “unlimited” is for data traffic not for speed. so yeah, throttling (as in changing the speed) is okay to do.

  5. So…..what, they laugh, pay the fine and continue throttling.

  6. Fucking finally. Even if not in the same country, this kind of bullshit pisses me off.

  7. Pennies. A drop in their $19.4 *billion* in 2018 profit (on $48 *billion* in revenue). More broken promises that they don’t get held accountable for.

    I don’t generally complain about corporate greed, but the blatant lies and stealing by these broadband and wireless companies is disgusting.

    The US government hands them (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) $400B for nationwide broadband and they just pocket it. Nice.

    All these mergers and acquisitions, filled with promises of synergies to create lower prices, no raising bundle prices in the future, etc. All bullshit. AT&T just raised their bundle price for the 3rd time. Awesome.

    Fuck AT&T, I hope they keep losing 1m+ subscribers a quater until they have nothing left.

  8. I’d honestly rather have throttling than a data cap. As long as the throttling isn’t unfair to sites or the consumer and the consumer is aware of how and when they are throttled, I’m okay with it. I think that’s fair.

    Like if you can provide me great internet 99% of the time at 100 mbit or better but 3 hours a month you need to throttle me down a scoche and that saves 40% cost increase, I’m all for it.

    The devil is in the details though, it’s all about how it is implemented and why.

  9. Can someone explain to me why normal people are subject to the sort of “three strike rule” paradigm? Where if you’re convicted multiple times for crimes, your punishment is usually worse and worse.

    Has there ever been a case for these household name companies ever being subject to this sort of ordeal. Or is everyone afflicted by some mass amnesia or some shit whenever these clowns commit these crimes?

  10. Great, another line item fee on my att wireless bill.

    You know those fuckers are going to pass it along.

  11. Now can we get Comcast on trying to charge $10/50 GB over the limit on their “unlimited” home internet?

  12. Rogers does that in Ontario, Canada too. Standard practice copied from big brother States-side.

  13. How much of that money goes back to those who were ripped off exactly?

  14. They’ll have earned that $60M back by the time you finish reading this sentence.

  15. Is there an actual carrier that doesn’t throttle on unlimited?

  16. I use cricket which runs off AT&T towers, think mine is being throttled?