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As the number of streaming video services increase will torrents make a mainstream comeback?

My wife and I don’t have kids, we have disposable income. We can afford a few streaming services.

We live in Australia – cable TV (Foxtel) sucks and so does most of the free to air TV stations.

Currently we have Netflix, Stan, Funimation (Crunchyroll), Disney+, Amazon Prime, Apple TV (roughly $70 p/m) and yet still we are finding more and more often there is a movie or just one show we want to watch that isn’t on one of these services.

In 2015 Netflix launched in Australia, it had SO MUCH content. It seemed like almost everything I wanted to watch at the time was on it, and if it wasn’t, it was usually just because it wasn’t licensed in my country a quick VPN swap fixed that.

By 2018 I had completely abandoned torrents.

But speaking with friends lately, it seems that I’m not the only one who has recently discovered that the Pirate Bay is still alive and kicking.

We have all reached a point of saturation, I refuse to pay for any more streaming services and just today cancelled Disney+.

I have a feeling that torrents and video pirating is about to have a 2022 renaissance. Thoughts?

EDIT: WTF is with all the downvotes?!? Is it that if you don’t pirate everything you possibly can the discussion is not welcome?

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11 Yorumları

  1. i been using torrents for years as i cant get the content i want fast tracked or at the quality i need. 10mb, 640kb 5.1 surround sound at a minium. no local broadcasters provide that!

  2. If you’ve got some basic tech skills, want something you have complete control over, and have the time to set everything up, automation is your friend. You couple the arrs (particularly radarr and sonarr), a good torrent client, a robust vpn with a kill switch, and a media server like plex or jellyfin, and you’ve got an automated system that delivers literally all commercially available content to any internet-connected device you own. Movies, TV, music, books, porn, you name it. All of it high quality. No ads, no daily visits to rarbg, nothing. It’s glorious.

    Now the downside is I burned a crazy amount of time setting this up. Finding the right torrent client, configuring transcoding on the media server, dicking with arr settings, trying to fix permissions in Docker containers.. it took a while. But there are plenty of guides here and in the respective subreddits for all those softwares that will help you. It’s worth it.

  3. If you’re paying that much a month to have that many services, I think you’re playing the game wrong. Piracy makes the whole thing moot but even that aside, choose a staple or two that you use frequently, then switch between the others as you binge watch what you care to see on them.

  4. i dont think torrents will ever be something everyone uses and understands my moneys on sites like Fmovies becoming the thing most understand

  5. I’ve turned to buying streaming accounts from sellers here on Reddit. I found a seller who sells them for $1.50 each with free replacements when they die. It’s definitely cut back on my torrenting.

  6. The fragmentation of the marker will indeed lead to more piracy. It’ll take some years but it’ll do it. It’s mechanical. They know it but it’ll still increase their benefits for some years and they can always ask for more antiterrorist laws to fight piracy.

  7. Piracy is on the rise again for sure, but I don’t think torrents are what most people will turn to. It’ll be those terrible streaming sites with YIFI quality and pop-up ads. They already get billions of page views each year, and they’ll get even more as the legal options get more fragmented.

    Torrents require some basic effort that people aren’t willing to go through, even if it means infinitely higher quality and selection. Especially the younger crowd, who are surprisingly tech-illiterate for a generation that grew up in front of the computer. I don’t mean that as an insult, it’s just my personal experience.

    It’s easy to think people know how to do these things, but most still don’t even know about adblock. Forget about them figuring out what the fuck 2160p or WEB-DL means.

  8. > will torrents make a mainstream comeback?

    Pont of clarification: Have torrents ever been a mainstream thing? I could be completely wrong but I’ve always believed torrenting to be relatively niche… even among pirates

  9. doubt it, especially now. it’s way more convenient for the average person to just pay for a subscription. most people are probably scared of getting caught too which isn’t going to draw them
    into piracy.