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As expected, the Apple Archive’s videos were striked and removed from Vimeo

As expected, the Apple Archive’s videos were striked and removed from Vimeo

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  1. It’s a real shame this guy isn’t willing to work with you. It could be an amazing addition to the-eye but the fact that he’s not willing to cooperate means you probably don’t want to be dealing with whatever bullshit will come along with his archive anyways…

  2. I ripped most of the iPhone videos before it got taken down, I’ll post the Google Drive link in the morning once it uploads


    Edit: [https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M6Iuud78wMNktfNO4DKlDe120ZW4KDoI/view?usp=sharing](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M6Iuud78wMNktfNO4DKlDe120ZW4KDoI/view?usp=sharing)

  3. Well, this is definitely a bummer. I know I was fairly certain in the other thread that this wouldn’t happen, but, well, here we are.

    The unreleased stuff that (I didn’t happen to see) probably did it, along of course with the big media attention. The other Apple media archives online, even thought they’re fully fledged public web sites, haven’t been featured in the mainstream tech news.

    I’ve got an email thread started with adobeflashcrashed, I’ve been a bit slow to respond, so hopefully that collaboration can continue to get started.

  4. Can anyone share the [ipad is/isn’t unreleased](https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/eqngla/ipad_pro_isisnt_unreleased_ad_the_apple_archive/?sort=new) vid with me? I meant to grab a copy the other day but now it’s down.

    Appreciate it.

  5. I don’t understand the value of this. We’re all data hoarders, but we should hoard quality stuff. Not everything deserves to be saved. Apple’s own historian would probably have it archived somewhere.

  6. Because they don’t want to host that much bullshit

  7. They don’t want you seeing their old adds. It leads to [people figuring out what they think of their users now](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUb6LngRZ-8).

  8. This sucks, I found the Apple Archive recently and hadn’t got around to watching any videos.

  9. Wait, he had _no_ backup other then Vimeo? That can’t be..

  10. Wow, I had never come across this content before. This is superb stuff! Where did you guys even find it? The content over on the-eye seems to have compression artifacts; was this ripped from YouTube? Was the Apple Archive a rip of the original source? Can anyone point me where to look?

  11. I have the Apple Archive that was uploaded a few months ago. Not sure if it’s constantly upgraded, so I haven’t downloaded anything new since it was downloaded but if anyone needs anything specific, let me know through a PM and I can upload specific files or small ranges (I don’t have enough bandwidth upload wise to seed the entire thing (263GB+ I believe?)

  12. *who would have thought uploading copyrighted content from one of the world’s biggest tech company would end up getting taken down*

    EDIT: tbh I thought the website itself was pretty cool (I’m not much of an Apple fan so I never bothered to look at it until now), but using a third-party video provider to host was pretty much a death sentence for a DMCA to begin with.

  13. So I chased a Vimeo link down, and [wouldn’t you know it](https://lumendatabase.org/notices/19962860), guess who sent it? None other than the EXACT SAME firm, Kilpatrick Townsend, that I said [was going to be the one smashing his glass house he built and the glass pedestal that he stood on](https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/ep27pk/probably_worth_archiving_this_since_apple_will/feh51jv/?context=6). The EXACT FUCKING SAME FIRM. I don’t mean to say I told you so, buuuut…

    *[“We Represent Apple](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVG1WMJebg8)[“](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33M3krGWAOU&t=25m17s)*